Minimum RAM Required : 8 MB

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Game TitleYearsorted in ascending orderPublisher
Pilot Brothers: On the Track of Striped Elephant19971C Company
Pilot Brothers: The Case of Serial Maniac Sumo19981C Company
Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold19983DO Company, The, Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Meridian 5919963DO Company, The, Studio 3DO
3DO Games: Decathlon19973DO Company, The
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars19963DO Company, The
Captain Quazar19973DO Company, The
Heroes of Might and Magic Compendium19973DO Company, The, Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Meridian 59: Vale of Sorrow19973DO Company, The
Helicops19977th Level, Inc.
Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail19967th Level, Inc.
Tracer19967th Level, Inc.
Arcade America19967th Level, Inc., BMG Interactive Entertainment
DragonHeart: Fire & Steel1996Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
The Crow: City of Angels1996Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
NBA Jam Extreme1997Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Hooves of Thunder!1996Action Games, Inc., MicroLeague Multimedia, Inc.
Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest: SWAT1995Activision Publishing, Inc., Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Return to Zork2011Activision Publishing, Inc.
Activision Game Vault: Volume 31997Activision Publishing, Inc.
Shanghai: Great Moments1995Activision, Inc.
Time Commando1996Activision Publishing, Inc., Adeline Software International, Didier Chanfray SARL
Caesar II1995Activision Publishing, Inc., Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon Murder1996Activision, Inc., Dice Multi Media Europe B.V.
The Zork Legacy Collection1997Activision, Inc.
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