Media Type : Cartridge

Game comes on a Cartridge.

Cartridge is part of the Media Type category.

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Battle Command1990Ocean Software Ltd.
Battle Cross1982Omori Electronics Corporation, Sony Corporation
The Battle of Olympus1988Brøderbund Software, Inc., Imagineer Co., Ltd., Nintendo Co., Ltd., Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Battleship1993Mindscape, Inc.
Battletoads1991Masaya, Mindscape International Ltd., Playtronic Industrial Ltda., Rare, Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos S.A., Tradewest, Inc.
Battletoads / Double Dragon1993Nintendo Co., Ltd., Playtronic Industrial Ltda., Tradewest, Inc.
Battlezone1980Atari Corporation, Atari, Inc., Atarisoft, Microsoft Game Studios, Quicksilva Ltd.
Bayonetta: Special Edition2018Nintendo of Europe GmbH
BC Racers1995Core Design Inc., Core Design Ltd., Front Street Publishing, LG Electronics Inc., SoftKey Multimedia Inc.
BC's Quest for Tires1983Sierra On-Line, Inc., Software Projects Ltd., Toshiba-EMI Ltd.
Beamrider1983Activision (UK) Limited, Activision, Inc., Microsoft Game Studios, Pony, Inc.
Bedlam1983Milton Bradley Ltd.
Bee 521992Camerica Limited Inc.
Beef Drop2004AtariAge
Beetlejuice1991LJN, Ltd.
Berserk1981Dragon Data Ltd., Mark Data Products
Berzerk1980Atari, Inc., GCE, Milton Bradley Ltd., Stern Electronics, Inc.
Best of the Best Championship Karate1992Electro Brain Corp., Electro Brain Corp. Japan, Proein S.L., Loriciels, Loriciel SA, Micro World, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Bible Adventures1991Wisdom Tree, Inc.
Bible Buffet1993Wisdom Tree, Inc.
Big Bird's Hide and Speak1990Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Bigfoot1990Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Big Nose Freaks Out1992Camerica Limited Inc.
Big Nose the Caveman1991Camerica Limited Inc., Codemasters Software Company Limited, The
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