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3+ELSPA Rating : 3+

This means the game or software is suitable for all ages. Remember, however, that the ELSPA recommended age does not describe the difficulty or playability of the game itself, and some 3+ games may require skills that make it unsuitable for younger children.

3+ is part of the ELSPA Rating category. ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) was founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the British computer and video games industry.


You are currently viewing games for all platforms that are marked as ELSPA Rating : 3+. Games for other platforms are also tracked by this attribute. You can restrict the list of games below to any of the following platforms:
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Star Wars: Yoda Stories1997LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC, THQ Inc.
Stealth Combat2002Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., BMS Modern Games Handelsagentur GmbH
Stellar Combat: Mission Pack1997Perfect Publishing
Stormovik: SU-25 Soviet Attack Fighter1990Electronic Arts, Inc.
Stratego1998Hasbro Interactive, Inc.
Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies1998Ripcord Games
Street Fighter EX Plus α1997Capcom Co., Ltd., Capcom Entertainment, Inc., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Street Racer1994Acid Software, Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos S.A., Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, Ubisoft KK
Street Sk8er 22000Electronic Arts, Inc., Micro Cabin Corp.
StrikePoint1996American Technos Inc., Project Two Interactive BV
Striker1992Atlus Software, Inc., Elite Systems Ltd., GBH Gold, Gremlin Interactive Ltd., Rage Software Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Striker '961996Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Warner Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Striker Pro 20001999Infogrames Europe SA, Imagineer Co., Ltd., Infogrames North America, Rage Games Ltd.
Strikers 19451997Agetec, Inc., GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd., Success Corp., Psikyo
Stuart Little: Big City Adventures2002Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Stunt GP2001Atari Europe S.A.S.U., Eon Digital Entertainment, MTO Co., Ltd., Titus France SA, Titus Interactive, S.A.
Stunt Race FX1994Nintendo Co., Ltd., Nintendo of America Inc.
Sub Rebellion2002Irem Software Engineering, Inc., Metro3D, Inc.
Subwar 2050: The Plot Deepens1994MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.
Summer Heat Beach Volleyball2003Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Sunny Garcia Surfing2001Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc.
Supaplex1991Action Sixteen, Digital Integration Ltd.
Super All-Stars1992Codemasters Software Company Limited, The
Superbike 20002000Electronic Arts, Inc.
Super Blocmania 3D + 3D Brick Blaster2004K.E. Media
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