Sound Devices Supported : Tandy / PCjr

One of the evolutionary steps IBM took was embedding sound capabilities into the PCjr. The PCjr contained the TI-SN76496 3-voice sound chip, which could also produce a fourth noise channel. Most Tandy 1000 models have this chip as well, as they were clones of the PCjr.

You can hear examples of this chip at That Oldskool Beat, and can run programs that support it under Tand-Em, the Tandy 1000 emulator.

Tandy / PCjr is part of the Sound Devices Supported category.

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Holiday Lemmings1993Psygnosis Limited
Hoverforce1990Accolade, Inc., Millennium Interactive Ltd.
Hoyle Classic Card Games1993Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 11989Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 2: Solitaire1990Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 31991Sierra On-Line, Inc.
The Hunt for Red October1990Grandslam Interactive Ltd.
Hyperspeed1991MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.
Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game1992LucasArts
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure1989Kixx XL, Lucasfilm Games LLC
Indianapolis 500: The Simulation1989Electronic Arts, Inc.
The Island of Dr. Brain1992Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Isle of the Dead1993Merit Studios (Europe) Limited, Merit Software
Jack Nicklaus Golf & Course Design: Signature Edition1992Accolade, Inc.
Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course Design1990Accolade, Inc.
James Clavell's Shogun1988Mastertronic, Inc.
Jet 2.01987subLOGIC
Joe Montana Football1990SEGA of America, Inc.
Jones in the Fast Lane1991Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Jones in the Fast Lane: CD-ROM1992Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriors1993Hollyware Entertainment
Jordan vs Bird: One on One1988Electronic Arts, Inc.
Joysoft Classics Volume 11994Prism Leisure Corporation Plc
J.R.R. Tolkien's Riders of Rohan1991Konami, Inc., Mirrorsoft Ltd., Personal Software Services
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings & The Two Towers: Collector's Edition1993Interplay Productions, Inc.
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