Media Type : Cassette Tape

Game is available on a cassette tape.

Cassette Tape is part of the Media Type category.

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Galactic Gardener1984Software Projects Ltd.
Galactic Gunner1983Timex Corporation
Galactic Patrol 1983CRL Group PLC, Omega Software
Galactic Trader1979Adventure International, Brøderbund Software, Inc., The Software Exchange
Galactic Trooper1983Romik Software Ltd
Galaga1981Atari Corporation, Bandai America, Inc., Namco Bandai Games America Inc., Namco Bandai Games Europe SAS, Namco Bandai Games Inc., Dempa Shimbunsha, MediaKite Distribution Inc., Namco Limited, Namco Mobile, Namco Networks America Inc., Sord Computer Corporation
Galax Attax1982Dragon Data Ltd., MicroDeal Ltd., Spectral Associates
Galaxian1979Atarisoft, Namco Bandai Games Inc., Bug-Byte Software Ltd., Dempa Shimbunsha, Atari, Inc., Namco Limited, Namcot, Namco Mobile
Galaxians1983Softek International Ltd.
Galaxians & Gloops1983Quicksilva Ltd.
Galax-i-Birds1986Firebird Software Ltd.
Galaxions1983Solar Software
Galaxions1984Solar Software
Galaxy1981Kiya Overseas Industry Co., Ltd., The Avalon Hill Game Company
Galaxy1983Anirog Software Ltd., Kingsoft GmbH
Galaxy Force II1988Activision (UK) Limited, CSK Research Institute Corp., Nintendo Co., Ltd., SEGA Corporation, SEGA of America, Inc.
Galaxy Invaders1981Bridge Software
Galaxy Jailbreak1983Romik Software Ltd
Galivan1985Imagine Software, Nichibutsu
Gallahad1992Domain Software
Galletron1987Mastertronic Ltd.
The Gambler1982Timex Corporation
The Game of Harmony1990Accolade, Inc., Kixx, U.S. Gold Ltd.
Game of Life1986SPOOK Software
Game Over1987Dinamic Software, France Image Logiciels, Imagine Software, Imagine
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