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Sound Devices Supported : PC Speaker (Tweaked)

PC Speaker (Tweaked) is part of the Sound Devices Supported category.

You are currently viewing games for all platforms that are marked as Sound Devices Supported : PC Speaker (Tweaked). Games for other platforms are also tracked by this attribute. You can restrict the list of games below to any of the following platforms:
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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleYearPublisher
Pete Rose Pennant Fever1988Absolute Entertainment, Inc., Gamestar
Phantasie1985Bothtec, Inc., StarCraft, Inc., Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Pinball Fantasies199221st Century Entertainment Ltd., Cowboy Rodeo Oy, GameTek, Inc., GameTek UK Ltd., Vap Inc.
Pinball Illusions199521st Century Entertainment Ltd.
Pinball World199521st Century Entertainment Ltd., Rebellion Developments Ltd.
Pipes1983Creative Software
Populous1989Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Electronic Arts Ltd., Hudson Soft Company, Ltd., Imagineer Co., Ltd., Krisalis Software Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
The Punisher1990Edge, The, MicroProse Software, Inc.
Purple Saturn Day1989Infogrames Europe SA, Epyx, Inc., ERE Informatique
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire1990Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Ranx: The Video Game1990Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Robotron: 20841982Atari Corporation, Atarisoft, Midway Games, Inc., Atari, Inc., Shadowsoft, Williams Electronics Inc.
Rollo and the Brush Brothers1984Windmill Software
Rotor1990Arcana Software Limited, Microdaft
Round 421986
Saboteur II1987Durell Software Ltd., Keypunch Software, Inc.
Scorched Earth1991
Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic1988Electronic Arts, Inc.
Shadow President1993D. C. True, Ltd., Empire Interactive Entertainment
Shadow Sorcerer1991Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Shufflepuck Cafe1988Infogrames Europe SA, Brøderbund Japan Inc., Brøderbund Software, Inc., Pony Canyon, Inc., Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Sid Meier's Pirates!1987Kixx, MicroProse Japan K.K., MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd., Ultra Software Corporation
Sierra Championship Boxing1984Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Sign of the Sun1997Project Two Interactive BV
SimCity1989Infogrames Europe SA, Atelier Software S.A., Brøderbund Software, Inc., DUX Software Corporation, Enfour, Inc., Erbe Software, S.A., Fujitsu Interactive, GameTap LLC, Imagineer Co., Ltd., Krisalis Software Ltd., Maxis Software Inc., Maxis UK Ltd., Nintendo Co., Ltd., Nintendo of America Inc., Nintendo of Europe GmbH, Playtronic Industrial Ltda., Superior Software Ltd., Superior Interactive
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