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Game TitleYearsorted in ascending orderPublisher
Fade to Black1995Electronic Arts, Inc.
Madden NFL 971996Electronic Arts, Inc.
Extreme Pinball1995Electronic Arts, Inc.
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom1996Electronic Arts, Inc.
Magic Carpet1994Electronic Arts, Inc.
CyberMage: Darklight Awakening (Demo Version)1995Electronic Arts, Inc.
Syndicate Wars1996Electronic Arts, Inc.
Privateer 2: The Darkening (Special Edition)1996Electronic Arts, Inc.
Wing Commander: Privateer1993Electronic Arts, Inc., ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Madden NFL Football: Limited Edition1996Electronic Arts, Inc.
Ultimate EA Sports Series II1998Electronic Arts, Inc.
The Need for Speed: Special Edition1996Electronic Arts, Inc., Electronic Arts Ltd.
Theme Hospital1997Electronic Arts, Inc.
Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure1994Electronic Arts, Inc.
NHL 961995Electronic Arts, Inc.
Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds1995Electronic Arts, Inc., Electronic Arts Ltd.
CyberMage: Darklight Awakening1995Electronic Arts, Inc.
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger1994Electronic Arts, Inc., ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Crusader: No Remorse1995Electronic Arts, Inc., ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate1993Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Virgin Games, Inc., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge1994Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
PGA Tour 961995Electronic Arts, Inc.
PGA European Tour1996Electronic Arts, Inc.
Syndicate Wars + Warhammer: Dark Omen2000Electronic Arts, Inc.
Dungeon Keeper + Magic Carpet 22000Electronic Arts, Inc.
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