Multiplayer Game Modes : Team

Playing with two or more other people, where you "team-up" with others to play other people in a multiplayer game.

Team is part of the Multiplayer Game Modes category.

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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleYearPublisher
A2: The Ultimate Sequel To AUTS - The Ultimate Stress Relief Game1998
Air Warrior1992Konami, Inc., On-Line Entertainment Ltd.
An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire1997Bethesda Softworks LLC
Apache1995Digital Integration Ltd., Interactive Magic Ltd., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Command & Conquer: Teil 1 - Der Tiberiumkonflikt (Limitierte Sonderedition)1995Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
Conquest of the New World1996Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Corridor 7: Alien Invasion1994Capstone Software, Expert Software, Inc.
CyberStrike1994MicroProse Software, Inc.
Descent1995Interplay Productions, Inc., Interplay Entertainment Corp., Interplay Productions Ltd.
Destruction Derby1995Activision, Inc., Psygnosis Limited
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition1996GT Interactive Software Corp., GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd.
Earth 21401997Interplay Productions, Inc., TopWare Interactive, Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
EF 20001995Infogrames do Brasil Ltda., Ocean Software Ltd.
EF2000 v2.01997Ocean of America, Inc.
Extreme Assault1997Blue Byte Software GmbH
Fighter Wing1995Merit Studios, Inc.
Flying Corps: Gold1997Empire Interactive Entertainment
HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation1996Digital Integration Ltd., Interactive Magic Ltd.
Hornet: Naval Strike Fighter1993Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
iF-161997Digital Integration Ltd., Interactive Magic Ltd.
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries1996Activision, Inc.
Mindscape CD-Rom Challenge Pack 21995Mindscape, Inc.
Mine Bombers1996
M.U.D.S.: Mean Ugly Dirty Sport1990Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Mystery Master: Murder by the Dozen1983CBS Software
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