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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPublisher
Jagged Alliance1995Mindscape International Ltd., Sir-tech Software, Inc., Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Zone Raiders1995Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Expert Software, Inc., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Chronomaster1995Capstone Software, SoftKey Multimedia Inc.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo1995GameTek, Inc., GameTek UK Ltd.
Clyde's Revenge1995Moonlite Software
Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria1995Sierra On-Line, Inc.
VR Soccer '961995Greenwood Entertainment Software GmbH, Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
Ascendancy1995Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Logic Factory, Inc., The, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Epic Pinball: The Complete Collection1995Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Eye of the Beholder / Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon / Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor1995Softgold Computerspiele GmbH, Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Torin's Passage1995Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Road Hog!1995Ticsoft
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness1995Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Capitalism1995Interactive Magic Ltd., Software 2000
Brett Hull Hockey 951995Accolade, Inc., Warner Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Grand Prix II1995Brasoft Produtos de Informática Ltda., MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.
Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure1995Mindscape, Inc.
Westwood: 10th Anniversary1995Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
The Complete DOOM Accessory Pack, Volume IV1995Modern Microware
Caesar II1995Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Extreme Pinball1995Electronic Arts, Inc.
The Civil War1995Empire Interactive Entertainment
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat1995Activision, Inc.
Xixit1995Optik Software, Inc.
Stonekeep1995Interplay Productions, Inc., Interplay Entertainment Corp., Interplay Productions Ltd.
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