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Mr Jump series1
Konpeki no Kantai licensees1
Spectral Souls series1
Teddy Flop Ear licensees1
Game Engine: GiderosGames using the free and open source game engine Gideros. It is based on Lua ...1
3D Engine: VRAGEGames using a version of the proprietary VRAGE voxel game engine (original or ...1
3D Engine: STEM1
Game Engine: Murl EngineGames using the Murl Engine developed by Spraylight GmbH. It allows for the ...1
Dragon World series1
3D Engine: StemCellGames using a version of the StemCell 3D engine (original or modified) ...1
Middleware: FuseFuse is a mobile game development middleware by Polarbit, providing a ...1
Mystery of Haunted Hollow series1
Middleware: sPVSGames using a version of the sPVS middleware developed by Umbra Software Ltd. ...1
Captain Delta series1
Middleware: Instinct StudioGames using a version of Instinct Studio, a cross platform game development ...1
Aircraft: FJ FuryGames featuring the FJ Fury Zero in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...1
Skipper & Skeeto (Magnus & Myggen) licenseesGames featuring Skipper & Skeeto, fictional characters (a mole and a mosquito), ...1
Middleware: PuppetMasterGames using the PuppetMaster middleware for the Unity engine. It offers active ...1
Middleware: D-BOXGames using the D-BOX motion technology developed by D-BOX Technologies ...1
Technology: Cal3DGames using a version of the open source Cal3D library (original or modified). ...1
3D Engine: MetaSpaceGames using a version of the 3D engine MetaSpace (original or modified) by ...1
Crazy Strike Bowling series1
Middleware: 2D ToolkitGames using the 2D Toolkit middleware developed by Unikron Software Ltd. It ...1
Middleware: AppGameKitGames using the AppGameKit middleware developed by The Game Creators Ltd.. It ...1
3D Engine: FreshEngineGames using a version of FreshEngine (original or modified), a game engine with ...1
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