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Protagonist: FemaleGames in which the main or major playable character (main protagonist) of the ...1882
Inspiration: MoviesThis group contains games based on movies, released either in theaters or ...1548
Genre: Scrolling shoot 'em upThe genre commonly referred to as "shoot 'em up" (often abbreviated to shmup) ...886
Historical conflict: World War IIGames based on the Second World War global conflict from 1939 to 1945 between ...845
Inspiration: TV cartoonsGames directly inspired from cartoon shows aired on television. This includes ...840
Game Engine: UnityGames developed using the multiplatform game development tool Unity. The most ...825
Eroge / Hentai gamesThis group may include any game with significant amounts of nudity and/or ...767
Inspiration: LiteratureThis group contains games based on previously published works of literature and ...681
Genre: Versus fightingVersus fighting games (sometimes referred to as one-on-one fighters, though ...614
Manga / anime licenseesUnlike the anime / manga genre, which refers to a graphical style, this group ...584
Inspiration: TV seriesGames based-off of TV series and characters from those series. This can include ...562
Rocksmith seriesThis group contains Ubisoft's Rocksmith games, expansions, and individual song ...546
Licensed Title: AthletesGames that are licensed or endorsed by specific athletes (or coaches, managers ...544
Theme: ZombiesA group for games prominently featuring zombies. Although it is unclear where ...530
Physics Engine: HavokGames using a version of the Havok Physics engine to emulate dynamic and ...529
Board game translationsTraditional board games previously released in physical format, that have been ...524
Walt Disney gamesAny game that contains characters, locations, or situations licensed from The ...522
Train Simulator seriesA group for the games and addons (both by original and 3rd party developers) in ...500
EA Sports gamesGames under the EA Sports brand by Electronic Arts, Inc. When the company ...471
Enhanced remakesAn enhanced remake is a game that attempts to re-create the designs and ...469
Theme: Law enforcementGames focusing on law enforcement with varying degrees of realism. This may ...434
Physics Engine: PhysXGames using a version of the PhysX engine (formerly named Novodex) by AGEIA ...414
FangamesFangames are games based on popular properties, generally established video ...408
BPjS / BPjM indexed gamesThe following list contains games which were put on the "Index" (German ...408
Genre: Tile matching puzzle (creation)Tile matching puzzle games are games where the player has to create groups of ...400
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