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Snowboard Party series1
Middleware: EZ GUIGames using the EZ GUI middleware by Above and Beyond Software LLC. It consists ...1
Knights of Valour series1
3D Engine: MetaSpaceGames using a version of the 3D engine MetaSpace (original or modified) by ...1
3D Engine: DageGames using a version of the Dage engine (original or modified) written by ...1
Middleware: VuforiaGames using a version of the Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK. It was originally ...1
Jungle Wars series1
Game Engine: Murl EngineGames using the Murl Engine developed by Spraylight GmbH. It allows for the ...1
Green Farm series1
3D Engine: NeoRealityGames using the NeoReality engine (original or modified) by 10tacle.1
3D Engine: Atrophy EngineGames using a version of the Atrophy engine (original or modified) by Choice ...1
The Rumble Fish series1
Power Pro Kun Pocket series1
Captain Delta series1
Game Engine: SIO2Games using a version of SIO2, a Free Open Source 3D Engine for iPhone and iPod ...1
Game Engine: DualityGames using a version of the free and open source modular Duality 2D engine ...1
Mahōjin GuruGuru licensees1
3D Engine: BushidoGames using a version of the Bushido engine (original or modified), originally ...1
Konpeki no Kantai licensees1
Monster Maker licensees1
Crowd funding (cancelled/unsuccessful)Games that were aimed to be developed through crowd funding, where developers ...1
Micro Man games2
Safecracker Series2
Alabama Smith seriesA series of casual adventure games starring the adventurer Alabama Smith.2
Heimdall series2
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