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Avalon Legends Solitaire seriesA series of card-based games set in medieval Camelot and involving Druids of ...2
William Gibson licenseesGames directly based around the works of the author William Gibson.2
Lands of Dream series2
3D Engine: ChameleonGames using a version of the proprietary game engine Chameleon (original or ...2
Titan seriesSeries of games revolving around Titans (inhabitants of Saturn's moon Titan) ...2
ObsCure seriesA series of survival horror games, developed by Hydravision Entertainment.2
Jenga games2
Sea Monkeys gamesGames based on the Sea-Monkeys brand.2
Insane series2
Double Dribble seriesSeries of basketball games spawned from the 1986's arcade game Double Dribble - ...2
Burger Restaurant seriesSpil Games B.V.'s Burger Restaurant browser games, in which the player controls ...2
Yarudora (やるドラ) gamesYarudora (やるドラ) games are games by Sony Interactive Entertainment produced for ...2
Blasterball series2
Great Legends gamesGreat Legends is a series of mobile games by GlobalFun that focuses on various ...2
Star Rank Boxing seriesBoxing games from Gamestar combining side-view fights with training sequences ...2
KOEI Executive seriesA series of game dealing with business management and commercial ...2
Age of Pirates seriesA role-playing series depicting the pirate way of life, originally including ...2
Momentum Missile Mayhem seriesSeries of defense games which focus on physics to attack and repel the endless ...2
Mercury series2
Dungeon Chess series2
Rendezvous with a Stranger Girl series2
Conquest of the New World Series2
Qin seriesObject's series of action RPGs set in a mythical ancient China and utilising ...2
Dexter licensees2
First Kiss Story series2
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