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Tetris variantsTetris was the original falling block puzzle game and therefore any such game ...205
Tetris: The Grand Master seriesAn official Tetris sub-series distinguished by its unique set of gameplay rules ...3
Tetris Party series3
Tetris licenseesAll games produced under an official Tetris license/brand, including Tetris, ...67
Test Drive Unlimited seriesGames in the open world spinoff series of Test Drive.4
Test Drive series and add-onsAll Test Drive arcade-style racing games and their add-on products.In November ...31
Testament series2
Teslagrad universe3
Terror TRAX seriesA series of interactive audio dramas originally published by TSR, Inc. and ...3
Terrorist Takedown series8
Terrahawks licenseesGames based on Gerry Anderson's animated series.2
Terminator gamesAny game bearing the licensed characters from the Terminator movies.33
Tenshitachi no Gogo series JAST's long-running series of hentai Japanese-style adventures.10
Tenshi no Uta seriesTenshi no Uta (天使の詩, "Angel's Poem") is a series of Japanese-style RPGs ...3
Tennis Masters Series licenseesOfficially licensed tennis games by Microïds.2
Tennis Elbow seriesTennis Elbow is a series of tennis games focusing on a simulative approach to ...4
Tennis Cup series2
Tengai Makyō / Far East of Eden universeThe group contains the main Tengai Makyō RPG series as well as various ...14
Tengai Makyō / Far East of Eden seriesTengai Makyō (Japanese: 天外魔境, literally "Devil World Outside of Heavens", a ...9
Tenchu seriesA series of stealth action games where the player takes the role of a ninja in ...12
Tenchi o kurau licenseesGames based on Hiroshi Motomiya's comic about the "three kingdoms" period in ...4
Tenchi Muyo licenseesGames based on the manga/anime series Tenchi Muyo (more exact romanization: ...5
Tempo series3
Temple Run series5
Temple of Dogolrak series2
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