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Street Legal series2
Street Fighter seriesAll games and variants based off of Capcom's original Street Fighter coin-op ...43
Street Cred series2
Strawberry Shortcake licenseesGames bearing the Strawberry Shortcake licensed characters.7
Strawberry Porno seriesSelf-designated name for certain early adult games by Koei.2
Strategic Command seriesStrategic Command is a series of games developed and released by ...8
Strange Cases series6
Stranded seriesThe games are a series of survival games developed by Peter Schauß and ...2
Storybook Adventures seriesA series of interactive children's stories for the CD-i. Each installment ...2
Stormlord series3
Still Life seriesAdventure games starring detectives of MacPherson family - private detective ...5
Stickybear licensees5
Steve Davis licenseesSnooker games licensed/endorsed by Steve Davis.3
Stellar 7 seriesSeries of 3D sci-fi tank simulators in which you attempt to defend the human ...5
Steel Panthers series8
Steel Gunner series2
Steel Beasts series3
Steel Battalion seriesThe Steel Battalion series is a series of mech combat simulation games most ...2
Steel Armor series2
Steam Greenlight gamesThis group collects all games which successfully achieved a Steam release by ...214
Steam Early Access gamesGames which were originally launched through Steam Early Access as paid alpha ...98
Stealth Bastard / Stealth Inc. series7
State of War seriesA series of futuristic strategy games developed by Cypron Studios. It consists ...2
State of Emergency series2
State of Decay series4
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