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Super Time Force series2
Super Taxi Driver series2
Super Star Wars seriesAction games based on the original Star Wars trilogy (episodes IV, V, and VI) ...3
Superstars V8 seriesA series of racing games developed by Milestone s.r.l.2
Super Stacker seriesSeries of games created by Gaz Thomas, where blocks of different shapes are to ...2
Super Sprint seriesAtari Games' line of top-down racing games3
Super Sonico gamesGames featuring Nitroplus' mascot character Super Sonico, a busty pink-haired ...7
Super Solvers seriesA set of educational games released by the Learning Company13
Super Smash Brothers seriesRelated links Wikipedia: Super Smash Brothers series74
Super Ski series5
Super Skidmarks games3
Super Sidekicks series4
Super Sentai Series licenseesGames based on the Super Sentai Series originally produced by Toei Company, ...3
Super Robot Taisen seriesBanpresto's series of strategy RPGs with super robots, originally developed by ...18
Super Real Mahjong seriesA series of mahjong games by SETA Corporation, originally released in the ...21
Super Programs SeriesA collection of compilations featuring games and programs from International ...8
SuperPower series2
Super Pipeline seriesTaskset's series of action games where two workmen, Fred and Will, have to keep ...2
Super Pinball series2
Super Monkey Ball seriesSEGA's series of physics-based games featuring encapsulated simians navigating ...11
Super Marisa Land series2
Super Mario seriesAll Super Mario platform games, the core of the Super Mario franchise. Trivia ...47
Super Mario Maker series3
Super Mario Galaxy series2
Superman licenseesGames starring the DC Comics hero, Superman. Games where he merely makes a ...21
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