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Super House of Dead Ninjas series2
Superhot series5
Super Granny series5
Super Gran licenseesGames based on the ITV television series Super Gran.2
Superfrog series2
Super Formation Soccer seriesA series of soccer games released on the Super Famicom.2
Super Destronaut series3
Super Chinese seriesThe "Super Chinese" series of games follows the adventures of ninjas Jack & Ryu ...6
Super Cars series4
SuperCard series2
Super Boy seriesSuper Boy is a series of unlicensed conversions of various Super Mario Bros. ...4
Super Bomberman series7
Superbike World Championship seriesA series of official games based on the Superbike World Championship developed ...8
Supaplex seriesSupaplex is a series of Boulder Dash variants.7
Sunset series2
Sunset Overdrive series26
Sunrise Robot licenseesGames making use of animation studio Sunrise's giant robot franchises, most ...32
Sunlight Games' Game Tycoon seriesA series of game development business management simulation games by Sunlight ...2
Sunless Sea series3
Sumo wrestling gamesGames primarily concerned with this Japanese martial art.8
Summon Night seriesSeries of anime-styled strategy-RPGs and its spin-offs. Based around the ...12
Summoner series2
Summer Carnival seriesSummer Carnival was Naxat Soft's answer to Hudson's Caravan Tournament ...4
Suiko Gaiden seriesSide-story in several volumes to the mainstream RPG series Suikoden2
Suikoden universeIncludes the Suikoden series and its spin-offs.11
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