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Demonworld series2
Max series2
Tau Ceti series2
Pathway to Glory series2
Redstar Fall series2
Torrente gamesGames adapted from Santiago Segura's Spanish movies, featuring politically ...2
Game Engine: ConstructGames created with a version of the Construct DirectX and HTML5 game creator ...2
Taxman gamesGames based around the "Taxman" concept, invented by Diane Resek in the early ...2
Commodore International Sports seriesA line of sporting simulations for the C64, marketed by Commodore themselves2
SCP Foundation universeGames based in the fictional universe of "The SCP Foundation", an online, ...2
The Room series2
Mutant League series2
Power Strike seriesTitle for the US and EUR localizations of Aleste and Aleste 2, respectively2
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series2
Pahelika series2
Cave Story series2
No Time To Explain series2
Sexy Beach series2
Gangsters seriesCovers all games in the Gangsters series created by Hothouse Creations. This is ...2
ASH Big Box compilation seriesContains the Big Box compilations from Application Systems Heidelberg (ASH).2
3D Engine: LeadGames using a version of the Lead engine (original or modified). It is a ...2
Chester Cheetah licensees2
Livingstone Supongo series2
3D Engine: DS2Games using the DS2 engine (original or modified) by Digital Spray Studios.2
Lennus/Paladin's Quest series2
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