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Grandad series2
Ancient Wars: Sparta seriesThe Sparta-themed strategy series from World Forge.2
Image series2
Take Command seriesGames in MadMinute Games' Take Command series, 3D real-time wargames set during ...2
Yet Another Zombie Defense series2
Super Formation Soccer seriesA series of soccer games released on the Super Famicom.2
Operation Combat series2
Pia Carrot e Yōkoso!! series2
Rupert the Bear gamesRupert the Bear was a character that first appeared as a comic strip in the ...2
Demon Stalkers series2
Luka seriesSeries of educational point-and-click adventures published by the Crime ...2
Spriggan series2
Edge series2
The Spirit Engine series2
Yogurt Commercial seriesA series of third-person adventures developed by Epic Banana which revolve ...2
Masters of Mystery series2
Robopon seriesHudson Soft's series of Pokémon-style RPGs.2
Tush-Tush Series2
Sea Battle series2
Johnny Platform seriesA series of retro-style puzzle platform games staring the coffee-loving Johnny ...2
Rock n' Roll Racing series2
World Airports series2
Benjamin Blümchen licenseesGames based on the long-running series of German audio plays for children, ...2
Doodle Basketball series2
IOMO Pub games2
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