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Palamedes seriesHot B's arcade puzzlers with dice.2
Hiiro no Kakera seriesA series of visual novels by Design Factory and Idea Factory with a female ...2
Maces and Magic seriesA trilogy of whimsical fantasy text adventure games for 8-bit computers ...2
Game Over seriesA pair of action games from Dinamic2
Kid Gloves series2
Kane legacy2
Nintendo's Adventure seriesSpecifically refers to North American Nintendo Entertainment System titles that ...2
Space Marshals series2
Robocalypse series2
Milestone Shooting Collection series2
Tyrian series2
Dots series2
K.O. Beast / The Three Beasketeers licenseesGames based on the anime originally called KO Senki Beast (KO世紀ビースト), with ...2
Of Mice and Sand series2
Grandad series2
Framed series2
Shellshock series2
The Sentinel series2
Astro Duel series2
Wheels of Aurelia series2
Zen Bound series2
Demon Stalkers series2
Luka seriesSeries of educational point-and-click adventures published by the Crime ...2
Party Ball seriesA series of ball-and-maze games where you are trying to guide your beach ball ...2
Edge series2
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