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Boy Next Door series2
Grandad series2
Yogurt Commercial seriesA series of third-person adventures developed by Epic Banana which revolve ...2
Garage series2
Take Command seriesGames in MadMinute Games' Take Command series, 3D real-time wargames set during ...2
Mahjong Mysteries series2
Bomber King series2
H2O series2
Franky the Bumwalker series2
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire series2
Sunlight Games' Game Tycoon seriesA series of game development business management simulation games by Sunlight ...2
Bad Sector series2
Demon Stalkers series2
Luka seriesSeries of educational point-and-click adventures published by the Crime ...2
Edge series2
Orm and Cheep seriesGames using the characters from the British children's puppet show on CITV that ...2
Ni Hao Kai Lan licenseesGames based on the children's animated television series on Nickelodeon about a ...2
Bugdom seriesA series of 3D platformers by Pangea Software featuring insect characters. 2
Stranded seriesThe games are a series of survival games developed by Peter Schauß and ...2
Bishōjo shashinkan seriesThe girly photographer simulation series by HARD.2
Electro Body series2
Johnny Platform seriesA series of retro-style puzzle platform games staring the coffee-loving Johnny ...2
Underworld licensees2
Rumble Roses series2
Industry Manager: Future Technologies series2
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