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Zool seriesGremlin's series of platform games featuring the ant-like Ninja of the Nth ...2
Drakkhen seriesA pair of games from Infogrames2
Skulls of the Shogun seriesA series of turn-based strategy games.2
Pettson and Findus licensees2
Monkey Money seriesA series of pokies featuring a jungle theme and a monkey host.2
Cyberdogs series2
Abra Academy seriesAbra Academy is a series of hidden object adventure games. The player controls ...2
Samurai Jack licensees2
3D Engine: Infinity Engine 2Games using a version of the proprietary Infinity Engine 2 (original or ...2
Rastan series2
Strife series2
High Energy seriesA small series of compilations from Infogrames.2
INV seriesA series of Space Invaders clones for the Atari 2600.2
Demon's Souls series2
Twinkle Star Sprites seriesA pair of cutesy versus shooter/puzzle games produced by SNK, featuring ...2
Friday the 13th licenseesGames based on the horror movie franchise Friday the 13th.2
Dragon Spirit seriesNamco's shoot'em'ups with a dragon instead of a spaceship.2
Genghis Khan series2
Captain Speaking series2
Scene It? series2
NFL Head Coach series2
Rose & Camellia series2
Ore ga Kantoku da! series2
Detective Suzusaki seriesA series of Japanese-style detective/mystery adult adventures with horror ...2
Villgust seriesA series of role-playing games on which the later anime series Villgust was ...2
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