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Image Fight seriesA series of vertically scrolling sci-fi shoot-em-ups by Irem.2
Generation of Chaos series2
Sorairo no Organ games2
Quarantine series2
Bullet Candy series2
Nonterraqueous series2
4 Elements series2
Solitaire Master series2
Rubble Saver series2
Ninja Rabbits series2
Monkey Money seriesA series of pokies featuring a jungle theme and a monkey host.2
3D Engine: ArgonGames using a version of the Argon engine (original or modified) by Silden.2
Over the Reich series2
Cyberdogs series2
Der verborgene Kontinent series2
Abra Academy seriesAbra Academy is a series of hidden object adventure games. The player controls ...2
Earl Weaver Baseball series2
Jump Stars seriesA pair of 2D fighting games from Nintendo and Ganbarion in the vein of Super ...2
Triazzle games2
Puzzle Agent seriesA series of point-and-click adventures about Nelson Tethers, the puzzle agent ...2
Granny's Garden versionsThe original, enhanced, and "retro" emulated versions of 4-Mation's educational ...2
Dragon Spirit seriesNamco's shoot'em'ups with a dragon instead of a spaceship.2
Popful Mail series2
Scene It? series2
NFL Head Coach series2
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