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Big Box seriesA series of compilations by Beau Jolly.2
Summoner series2
First / Second Samurai series2
Granny's Garden versionsThe original, enhanced, and "retro" emulated versions of 4-Mation's educational ...2
Popful Mail series2
Tall seriesA pair of puzzle games for the PlayStation, developed by Techno Soleil, where ...2
Dogfight series2
3D Engine: ForgeGames using a version of the proprietary Forge engine (original or modified) by ...2
Barkley: Shut Up and Jam! series2
Chase Ace series2
Hockey League Simulator series2
The Last Stand series2
Chuggington licensees2
Wolfschanze series2
Dit Was 19XX seriesDit Was 19XX is a Dutch yearly series for the CD-i that compiles TV and radio ...2
Knights of the Temple series2
Initial D licenseesGames based on Initial D manga and anime series by Shuichi Shigeno. 2
Freddy Hardest gamesGames featuring Dinamic's impulsive yet heroic character2
Knightmare licenseesGames based on a UK children's TV gameshow, in which a player was blindfolded ...2
Ryse series2
Captain Comic series2
Starglider series2
Night Mission Pinball versions2
Thunder Dragon series2
Alice Greenfingers seriesA series of garden growing simulations.2
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