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Phantom Brave series2
Cryo's Timescape series2
Battlestations seriesA series of WWII action/real-time tactic games set in the Pacific theatre. The ...2
Tony Tough Adventure series2
Aldo series2
1080° seriesA series of snowboarding games originally developed by Nintendo.2
Bubble Blobb series2
PipeFun series2
Chernobyl series2
Buddrick's Experiment seriesA series of action platform games themed around deadly prison experiments, ...2
Gun series2
Nicky Boom seriesPair of platform games by Microïds featuring as protagonist the precocious ...2
Warrior of Rome series2
Get Dexter series2
Escape the room gamesA subgenre of adventure games where the object of the game is to find a way to ...2
SeaQuest DSV licensees2
Spectral Force series2
Infinite Space seriesGames in Digital Eel's Infinite Space series.2
Demonworld series2
Tau Ceti series2
Pathway to Glory series2
Bombaman seriesTeam Bomba's Bombaman, and its followup, Extra Ammo.2
Redstar Fall series2
Konami ReBirth seriesA series of remakes of classic Konami games released digitally on the Nintendo ...2
Torrente gamesGames adapted from Santiago Segura's Spanish movies, featuring politically ...2
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