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Thunder Dragon series2
Rock n' Roll Racing series2
Wuzzit series2
Fantastic Fossils series2
Gem Smashers series2
Amber seriesAmber is a series of German-made fantasy role-playing games. The games are set ...2
Miku Flick series2
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel series2
Lennus/Paladin's Quest series2
Dragons and Titans series2
Dōkyūsei seriesDōkyūsei (同級生, "classmates") is a series of adult Japanese adventures by Elf, ...2
Goh seriesGoh (轟) is a series of military strategy games where the player controls Japan ...2
Platypus series2
Yet Another Zombie Defense series2
Xenon series (Oric)A trilogy of games made by IJK Software for the Oric computer.Not to be ...2
School Rumble series2
KOEI Imagination seriesRelated Game Groups: KOEI Executive series KOEI Historical Simulation series ...2
Joe Blade LegacyPlayers' series of platform based games starring a tough guy hero. Three were ...2
Sugar Cube seriesThese are a series of games by Turtle Cream that involve a sugar cube that ...2
Tun Town / A-Mao A-Gou seriesMostly known in Chinese-speaking circles as 阿猫阿狗 (A-Mao A-Gou, literally ...2
Miecze Valdgira series2
Vasara series2
Thrillville series2
Blade of Darkness series2
F1ROC series2
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