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Soul Eater licenseesThis group includes all the games based on Square Enix's Soul Eater manga and ...2
Gameloft's Nights seriesA series of mobile games by Gameloft, simulating life, similar to The Sims.2
Topo Soft's Luigi series2
Sprill series2
Ninja Rabbits series2
Galactic Empire seriesSpace trading and action from Tomahawk2
Freddy Hardest gamesGames featuring Dinamic's impulsive yet heroic character2
Knightmare licenseesGames based on a UK children's TV gameshow, in which a player was blindfolded ...2
Yamamura Misa Suspense series2
The Mark of Kri series2
NCAA: Road to the Final Four series2
Wuzzit series2
Seafight seriesA series of games naval combat games developed by TriNodE Entertainment Systems.2
IF Comp 1999 entrantsGames created for, and initially released as part of, the 5th annual ...2
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs licenseesGames based on the comic series Xenozoic Tales (and its spinoffs, notably a ...2
Jesus seriesHaving nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth, this is a series of Japanese ...2
Shivers series2
Alice Greenfingers seriesA series of garden growing simulations.2
Lionel licensees2
Berzerk seriesStern Electronics series of arcade shooters. Players control a humanoid on an ...2
Trapped series2
Pumuckls Abenteuer legacy2
Dig-Dogs seriesEducational games featuring the three Dig-Dogs characters introduced in ...2
House of Wonders gamesHidden object games by various developers2
Barista series2
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