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Rupert the Bear gamesRupert the Bear was a character that first appeared as a comic strip in the ...2
6 Great Games compilationsA series of compilations by Encore Software.2
The Big Three series2
Cactus McCoy series2
I.M. Meen series2
Bombshell seriesSeries of games starring Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, originally envisioned as ...2
Ancient Wars: Sparta seriesThe Sparta-themed strategy series from World Forge.2
Global Conflicts seriesA series of educational games developed by Serious Games Interactive that ...2
Crush Roller / Make Trax games2
Star Saga series2
Kampfgruppe series2
Game Engine: Dagor Engine Casual EditionGames using a version of the Dagor Engine Casual Edition (original or modified) ...2
The Visitor series2
Tennis Cup series2
Lost licenseesGames based on the TV series Lost.2
Darts Up series2
Skies of Arcadia series2
Nevrosa series2
Genocide seriesAll variations of the Genocide action platformer by KaosKontrol.2
Flikken licenseesGames based on the Flemish television series Flikken.Related links Wikipedia: ...2
FX Fighter series2
Host Master series2
Quintia Road series2
Outpost Kaloki series2
Tiny Cars series2
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