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Druglord seriesA series of managerial games in which the player takes the role of a drug lord.2
IF Comp 1998 entrantsGames created for, and initially released as part of, the 4th annual ...2
NinJump series2
Wrecking Crew seriesMario has gotten into demolitions. These are games where you play as Mario or ...2
PipeFun series2
Futurama licensees2
Hurricanes licenseesGames based on the 1993 animated television series Hurricanes.2
The Sentinel series2
The Secret of Tremendous Corporation series2
Tiny Cars series2
Cassandra's Journey series2
Party Ball seriesA series of ball-and-maze games where you are trying to guide your beach ball ...2
Volguard seriesA series of side-scrolling shoot 'em ups developed by dB-SOFT.2
Vertical Drop Heroes series2
Werner licenseesGames based on the German comic character.2
Premium Mah Jongg seriesA series of Mah Jongg games released on Atari ST computers between 1992 and ...2
Criminal Girls series2
ASCII's Castle seriesA series of platformers with emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving, ...2
3D Engine: Real Virtuality 1Games using a version of the Real Virtuality 1 engine by Bohemia Interactive.2
Xyanide series2
Himawari gamesVarious versions and ports of Himawari visual novel game.2
Lost Viking seriesBlizzard Entertainment Inc. series of puzzle platformers starring the three ...2
Konami ReBirth seriesA series of remakes of classic Konami games released digitally on the Nintendo ...2
Nick Hunter series2
Alex Hunter series2
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