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Middleware: SteamworksGames using Steamworks, a development and publishing suite by Valve Corporation ...2
3D Engine: LeadGames using a version of the Lead engine (original or modified). It is a ...2
Card City Nights series2
Mirai Nikki seriesGames based on the "Mirai Nikki" (未来日記) manga which also spanned anime TV ...2
Style Lab series2
Castle Crashers series2
Space Hunter seriesMiciosegone series of adventure games that take place in Trashopolis.2
6 Great Games compilationsA series of compilations by Encore Software.2
Hexcite games2
Cactus McCoy series2
Lethal League series2
Global Conflicts seriesA series of educational games developed by Serious Games Interactive that ...2
Car Jacker series2
Star Saga series2
Mysteryville seriesPsychic Laura Winner solves mysteries by clicking on objects in this series of ...2
Volguard seriesA series of side-scrolling shoot 'em ups developed by dB-SOFT.2
Starfleet Orion series2
Sine Mora series2
Vanguard series2
Hate series2
3D Engine: Foundation EngineGames using a version of the proprietary Foundation Engine (original or ...2
Games created during a Global Game JamGames created during a Global Game Jam should be included in this group.2
Outdoors Unleashed series2
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli series2
Orm and Cheep seriesGames using the characters from the British children's puppet show on CITV that ...2
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