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Man of War series2
Blacklight series2
Abaddon seriesA series of tower defense games for Xbox 360 Arcade.2
Kileak the Blood seriesSeries of mech-based first-person shooters from Japanese developer Genki.2
Electro Body series2
Modern Combat seriesA series of first-person military shooters released on mobile devices by ...2
Prairie Dog Hunt series2
Tiny Cars series2
Cassandra's Journey series2
Infiltrator series2
MusicVR series2
Protector series2
The Ninja Warriors seriesTaito's original three-screen sidescrolling ninja beat'em'up and its ...2
Tasty Planet series2
ASCII's Castle seriesA series of platformers with emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving, ...2
Hare in the Hat series2
Tonka Construction series2
Steel Armor series2
Barbarian legacyThe Barbarian series from Palace Software, not to be confused with the series ...2
Nick Hunter series2
Seafight seriesA series of games naval combat games developed by TriNodE Entertainment Systems.2
Dark Cloud series2
William and Sly series2
Legends of Murder seriesSoftdisk Publishing's fantasy/role-playing/murder mystery games.2
Extreme Paintbrawl Series2
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