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Tiny Tower seriesA series of managerial games where you build floors onto your tower, assign ...2
Emerland Solitaire series2
Mind Quiz series2
Rush for Gold series2
The Expendables licensees2
The Tomorrow War series2
Tiny Cars series2
Cassandra's Journey series2
Zombie Estate series2
Zombie Square series2
Chronicles of Riddick series2
Castle Crashers series2
The Room series2
Oscar the Balloonist series2
ASCII's Castle seriesA series of platformers with emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving, ...2
Puzzle Agent seriesA series of point-and-click adventures about Nelson Tethers, the puzzle agent ...2
Dynabusters seriesA series of Dynablaster clones for the Atari STE by TSCC/Synacore.2
Monster and Monster's Walk seriesA series of games where a Victorian gentleman with an internal monologue tries ...2
Gravity Falls licensees2
Attacking Zegeta series2
Nick Hunter series2
Project-X series2
Alien Outbreak SeriesTop down sci-fi shooter games in the Alien Outbreak series developed by Bee ...2
Legends of Murder seriesSoftdisk Publishing's fantasy/role-playing/murder mystery games.2
Extreme Paintbrawl Series2
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