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Mercury series2
Labyrinth conversionsConversion of the Ravensburger board game Labyrinth, which features a changing ...2
Tecno Ninja series2
Druglord seriesA series of managerial games in which the player takes the role of a drug lord.2
Chester Cheetah licensees2
Puff the Dragon seriesTwo Codemasters games starring the unfortunately-named Puff the dragon2
Day at Work seriesIn this series of sandbox games the player takes the role of Tom, a regular ...2
Coconut Dodge series2
Genji series2
Little Alchemy series2
The Mark of Kri series2
Galactic Empire seriesSpace trading and action from Tomahawk2
3D Engine: DS2Games using the DS2 engine (original or modified) by Digital Spray Studios.2
Crossy Road series2
ASH Big Box compilation seriesContains the Big Box compilations from Application Systems Heidelberg (ASH).2
Savage series2
Captain Tsubasa licenseesGames based on the anime/manga series Captain Tsubasa by Yƍichi Takahashi.2
Tonka Construction series2
Chronicles of PydrainGames based on or inspired by author Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain ...2
Bode Miller licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by alpine ski racer Bode Miller.2
Bear in Super Action Adventure series2
Freddy Hardest gamesGames featuring Dinamic's impulsive yet heroic character2
Ninja Rabbits series2
Over the Reich series2
Earl Weaver Baseball series2
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