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Super Marisa Land series2
No Time To Explain series2
Sexy Beach series2
Gangsters seriesCovers all games in the Gangsters series created by Hothouse Creations. This is ...2
ASH Big Box compilation seriesContains the Big Box compilations from Application Systems Heidelberg (ASH).2
Rubicon series2
Chester Cheetah licensees2
Livingstone Supongo series2
3D Engine: DS2Games using the DS2 engine (original or modified) by Digital Spray Studios.2
Planet Alcatraz / Sanitary Podzemeliy seriesAlso unofficially known as Dungeon Cleaners, this is a series of Russian-made ...2
Mercury series2
Savage series2
3D Engine: Infinity Engine 2Games using a version of the proprietary Infinity Engine 2 (original or ...2
Pure series2
Super Gran licencesGames based on the ITV television series Super Gran.2
Vertical Drop Heroes series2
Spaceforce series2
Strife series2
Cult legacy2
High Energy seriesA small series of compilations from Infogrames.2
Tennis Masters Series licenseesOfficially licensed tennis games by Microïds.2
Audiogenic World Class Sports seriesSports games with the "World Class" title, released by Audiogenic in the early ...2
Karn legacyIan Gray's adventures set in the empire of Karn.2
Friday the 13th licenseesGames based on the horror movie franchise Friday the 13th.2
Willy the Worm series2
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