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Rugby League series3
Rub series2
Rubik's Cube gamesGames based on the Rubik's Cube toy, created by Ernõ Rubik, in any of its ...10
Rubble Saver series2
R-Type series13
RTL Ski seriesA series of skiing simulation games published by RTL Playtainment.10
Routes gamesRoutes game and port/release variations.3
Roulette gamesGames that contain playable video game conversions of the popular casino table ...27
Rotlicht Tycoon series2
Rosemond series3
Rose & Camellia series2
Roommate / Ryōko Inoue series4
Rome: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Rome series.5
Romancing SaGa series4
Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki seriesThe series originated with an adult RPG for DOS (PC-98), which introduced ...2
Romance of the Three Kingdoms seriesA strategy series developed and published by KOEI that is based on the Romance ...12
ROM² Karaoke series (Victor)A series of karaoke CDs by Victor Musical Industries. Not to confuse with the ...5
ROM² Karaoke series (NEC Avenue)A series of karaoke CDs by NEC Avenue. Not to confuse with the identically ...5
Rolling Thunder series4
RollerCoaster Tycoon series18
Rollcage series3
Rolan's Curse series2
Rolando series2
Roland Garros licensees9
Rogue variants / RoguelikesGames deriving gameplay and appearance from the 1980 mainframe game Rogue, ...58
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