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Devil May Cry seriesCapcom's Devil May Cry series features the half human / half demon protagonist ...16
MSXdev entriesGames written for the annual MSXdev coding contest for MSX computers.16
Bridge Construction gamesPhysics games in which the primary goal of each level is to allow something or ...16
Descent seriesA seminal series of 3D shooting games that allow free-roaming flight.16
Setting: City - AmsterdamGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Amsterdam, ...16
NeoGeo Online collectionsThis is a series of classic NeoGeo games. re-released by SNK Playmore, for the ...16
Game Engine: TwineThis group includes games made using Chris Klimas' free tool Twine (and the ...16
Setting: City - PragueGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Prague, Czech ...16
Jewel BEM / Hōma Hunter Lime seriesHōma Hunter Lime (宝魔ハンターライム) is a series of short, low-interaction ...16
Star Wars: The Clone Wars gamesGames that happen during the Star Wars: Clone Wars-era of the series. The Clone ...16
Trivial Pursuit licenseesGames based on Horn Abbott's general knowledge boardgame.16
3-D Ultra seriesGames by Sierra On-Line/Dynamix bearing the 3D-Ultra label. 16
Kick Off seriesA series of action-orientated football (soccer) games, created by Dino Dini and ...16
Setting: Alternate HistoryThis group should contain games that take place in an altered historical ...16
Major League Baseball 2K seriesAll games in the Major League Baseball 2K series.Related links: World Series ...16
Physics Engine: Newton Game DynamicsGames using a version of the Newton Game Dynamics API to emulate dynamic and ...16
Metaltech / Tribes universeThis group includes all games set in the fictional futuristic universe shared, ...16
Tank variantsGames using fixed-screen top down visuals in which one or more players fight ...16
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz A-ClassGames where the player can drive a Mercedes-Benz A-Class compact ...16
Dragon Age: Origins seriesIncludes Dragon Age: Origins and its expansion packs.16
Blood Bowl series16
Dead Island series16
Sensible Sports games16
Disciples seriesDisciples is a turned based strategy game originally developed by Strategy ...16
Automobile: Ariel AtomGames where the player can drive the Ariel Atom.Limitations The car must be ...16
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