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William Gibson licenseesGames directly based around the works of the author William Gibson.2
4x4 Evo seriesRacing games focusing on pick-up trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles.2
Lafuma Unlimit series2
Robokill series2
Rocketbirds series2
Sea Monkeys gamesGames based on the Sea-Monkeys brand.2
Insane series2
Citizen Abel series2
Tobidase Daisakusen seriesGames in the Tobidase Daisakusen Series2
Fear Effect seriesFear Effect series began with two games for Playstation (the second being the ...2
DarXide series2
Great Legends gamesGreat Legends is a series of mobile games by GlobalFun that focuses on various ...2
Star Rank Boxing seriesBoxing games from Gamestar combining side-view fights with training sequences ...2
Gyron series2
Star Trek: Armada series2
Blasterball series2
Skyfox seriesMid-'80s in-cockpit sci-fi spaceflight simulations, with emphasis on ...2
Fighter's History seriesA series of 2D one-on-one fighting games by Data East Corporation.2
GP-1 series2
Age of Pirates seriesA role-playing series depicting the pirate way of life, originally including ...2
Momentum Missile Mayhem seriesSeries of defense games which focus on physics to attack and repel the endless ...2
Oil's Well versions2
Ancient Wars: Sparta seriesThe Sparta-themed strategy series from World Forge.2
Mercury series2
Lost licenseesGames based on the TV series Lost.2
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