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Zombotron series2
Dragonheart licenseesGames inspired by the adventure film franchise Dragonheart.2
Robopon seriesHudson Soft's series of Pokémon-style RPGs.2
Give Up series2
Audiosurf series2
Alpha Protocol gamesThis group contains Alpha Protocol, a RPG which focuses on extended dialogue ...2
Stacking series2
Family Games seriesGames in the Family Games series by DIMA.2
Akiba's Trip series2
Gameplay Feature: Drug AddictionGames where a player's character may optionally acquire an addiction to an ...2
Life & Death seriesThe Software Toolworks' pair of medical simulations, putting the player in the ...2
Infinite Space seriesGames in Digital Eel's Infinite Space series.2
Mario Strikers seriesA series of soccer games starring Mario's friends and enemies.2
Denryū IraIra Bō seriesGames based on the popular segment from the Japanese game show Ucchan Nanchan ...2
Alfred Chicken seriesGames featuring Alfred Chicken. The 2002 version is an enhanced remake of the ...2
Twinkle Star Sprites seriesA pair of cutesy versus shooter/puzzle games produced by SNK, featuring ...2
Zeebo F.C. seriesA series of football (soccer) games on Zeebo, all making use of the Zeeboids.2
Bullet Candy series2
Quarantine series2
TV Show King series2
White Noise series2
Element Girls seriesA series of lifestyle application games originally published by dtp young ...2
Let's Talk About Me series2
Dual Orb series2
Eversion series2
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