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Secret Service seriesActivision's series of games in which the player assumes the role of a Secret ...2
Essential Selection seriesA series of themed compilations from Electronic Arts and MicroProse.2
Sally's franchisesA series of time management games in which the title character named Sally ...2
Last Armageddon seriesA series of post-apocalyptic Japanese-style RPGs, notable for featuring demonic ...2
Smuggler's Run series2
Evocation seriesA point-and-click adventure series.2
Dr. Dumont versions2
SCP Foundation universeGames based in the fictional universe of "The SCP Foundation", an online, ...2
Villgust seriesA series of role-playing games on which the later anime series Villgust was ...2
Shadow Struggle / Critical Blow seriesPair of 3D fighting games produced by Banpresto / Racdym, connected by story ...2
The Room series2
Voyeur seriesA series of FMV adventure games from Philips Interactive Media in which the ...2
Ragnarok series2
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse series2
Thunder Cross series2
Puzzle Agent seriesA series of point-and-click adventures about Nelson Tethers, the puzzle agent ...2
War Metal series2
Hawaiian Explorer Games2
Suzumiya Haruhi licenseesGames based on Suzumiya Haruhi manga and/or anime.2
Der verborgene Kontinent series2
Dynabusters seriesA series of Dynablaster clones for the Atari STE by TSCC/Synacore.2
Fish Fillets seriesSeries of puzzle games by Altar Games with two secret agent fish as ...2
The Tomorrow War series2
Back to Bed series2
Monster and Monster's Walk seriesA series of games where a Victorian gentleman with an internal monologue tries ...2
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