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Star Crusader series2
Total Overdose / Chili Con Carnage seriesGames in the Total Overdose / Chili Con Carnage series.2
Power Glove Gaming SeriesA group of NES games designed, specifically, to use the PowerGlove input ...2
Street Legal series2
Redstar Fall series2
Scott Pilgrim series2
Palamedes seriesHot B's arcade puzzlers with dice.2
Setting: Destroyer / Cruiser / CarrierGames whose setting is entirely or in part set on-board the military class ...2
Joining Hands series2
Famicom Tantei Club series2
Gall Force licensees2
Shadow Tower seriesShadow Tower is a series of first-person action role-playing games by ...2
Shellshock series2
Truxton / Tatsujin seriesA series of vertically scrolling sci-fi shoot-em-ups by Toaplan.2
NFL Coaches Club series2
Zombie Shooter seriesA series of games by Sigma Team in which you traverse an area, blasting hordes ...2
Jadernyj Titbit series2
Game Engine: Filmation IIUltimate Play The Game's second isometric engine, following Filmation.2
Naughty Bear series2
Shape Up series2
Vectorman seriesThese games are based on the "orbot" pilot character Vectorman. There were ...2
Avalon Legends Solitaire seriesA series of card-based games set in medieval Camelot and involving Druids of ...2
Lands of Dream series2
Atlas series2
Gun.Smoke / Desperado series2
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