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Kikutan SeriesKikutan language learning games.2
Zlatogorye series2
Conception series2
Totem Destroyer series2
Deus Ex Machina series2
Enslaved seriesA series of third-person action games2
Soul Eater licenseesThis group includes all the games based on Square Enix's Soul Eater manga and ...2
Yamamura Misa Suspense series2
Zeewolf series2
Download seriesA series of side-scrolling shooters set in a futuristic "cyberpunk" world.2
Super Stacker seriesSeries of games created by Gaz Thomas, where blocks of different shapes are to ...2
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs licenseesGames based on the comic series Xenozoic Tales (and its spinoffs, notably a ...2
Iron Grip seriesA series of Dieselpunk games. The first game of the series, Iron Grip: The ...2
Wizardry Xth series2
Meteor series2
Christmas Conquest series2
Kid Gloves series2
Kane legacy2
Amateur Surgeon seriesA series of humorous medical simulations developed by Mediatonic and published ...2
Crimson Skies series2
De griezelbus series2
Lennus/Paladin's Quest series2
Kingdom Far Reaches series2
Radiant series2
Bomber King series2
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