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Coconut Dodge series2
Leithian seriesLeithian (레이디안) is a series of action role-playing games by the Korean ...2
Violett series2
Tripper series2
Chameleon Twist series2
Bloodwych series2
Genji series2
Power Glove Gaming SeriesA group of NES games designed, specifically, to use the PowerGlove input ...2
Bode Miller licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by alpine ski racer Bode Miller.2
Real War series2
Age of Japan series A series of tile matching games in a Japanese setting. 2
Lancer universeGames within the Starlancer/Freelancer universe, started by Chris and Erin ...2
Sing It series2
Gall Force licensees2
Star Crusader series2
Total Overdose / Chili Con Carnage seriesGames in the Total Overdose / Chili Con Carnage series.2
Street Sk8er series2
Street Legal series2
Zeewolf series2
Scott Pilgrim series2
William and Sly series2
Yakuman series2
Totem Destroyer series2
Pictionary licenseesThis group contains games based on the board game Pictionary.2
3D Engine: ICGames using a version of the IC engine by Calaris Studios.2
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