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Zombies, Run! series2
Wild West Quest seriesA series of hidden object adventures games that involve you traveling to the ...2
Arcademic Skillbuilder seriesA series of educational arcade games (hence the name) published by ...2
Phantasmat series2
Engage Errands seriesA series of adult turn-based strategy RPGs2
The Last Federation series2
Another Code seriesA series of console adventure games which focus on story-telling. The player ...2
Police Trainer seriesArcade light gun games that have a police theme to their target levels.2
Age of Booty series2
Bubble Blobb series2
3D Engine: Glacier 2Games using the Glacier 2 engine (original or modified) by IO Interactive A/S. ...2
Zodiac seriesA series of adventure games by Riverhill Soft, connected by an overarching ...2
Cyberball seriesGames featuring robots playing American football.2
1080° seriesA series of snowboarding games originally developed by Nintendo.2
ATCsimulator seriesThe ATCsimulator series are Air Traffic Controller Simulations from aerostudios ...2
Sorcery seriesThe 8-bit arcade adventure Sorcery and its extended version(s) based on the ...2
Hidden Stroke series2
3D Engine: Hedgehog EngineGames using a version of the Hedgehog Engine by Sonic Team.2
Space seriesEarly science fiction roleplaying series for the Apple II, published by EduWare.2
Teddy series2
The Caligula Effect series2
Lost Classics Polybius series2
Gift gamesCryo Interactive Entertainment's games about a short red devil.2
Death Rally seriesA series of racing games by Remedy Entertainment.2
Aircraft: RAF R.E.8Games featuring the Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 in a prominent ...2
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