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Sonic Riders series3
Sonic Jump series3
Sonic Forces series6
Sonic Drift series2
Sonic Dash series2
Sonic Boom series4
Sonic Blast Man series3
Sonic & All-Stars Racing series7
Sonic Adventure series7
Sonic Advance series3
Song Summoner series2
Solstice series3
Solomon's Key legacyTecmo's series of platform puzzlers.4
Solo Flight series3
Solitaire Master series2
Söldner-X series2
Söldner seriesSöldner: Secret Wars is a massive multiplayer warfare game, similar to the ...4
Soldier of Fortune seriesFamous for its high amounts of gore, Raven's Soldier of Fortune series follows ...7
Soldier of Failure series3
Solar Winds series2
Soko-Ban variantsThis group is for strategic puzzle games inspired by Soko-ban, where you have ...90
Sōkoban seriesThe original puzzle game by Thinking Rabbit and any follow-ups with an official ...9
Software Terminal's "Tele" gamesA series of modem-play two-player games developed by Scott Lamb and marketed by ...5
Software 2000 artventures(The "Artventures" is not a misspelling.)8
Softdisk's Big Blue compilationsMonthly disk magazine shovelware compilations of games, utilities, applications ...24
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