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Protagonist: VampireThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a ...21
Protagonist: RobotThis group includes games in which the main protagonist is a mechanical being ...209
Protagonist: MusicianThis group includes games that feature protagonists who are either professional ...31
Protagonist: Mullet haircutGames wherein the main or one of the main protagonists sports a mullet haircut. ...51
Protagonist: JewishGames where at least one of the player-controlled characters is Jewish, whether ...16
Protagonist: GhostThis group is for games in which the protagonist is a ghost or in some ...8
Protagonist: GangsterThe protagonists of those games are gangsters, i.e. members of professional ...110
Protagonist: Fruit / VegetableGames in which an anthropomorphic fruit or vegetable is the main protagonist.13
Protagonist: FemaleGames in which the main or major playable character (main protagonist) of the ...1480
Protagonist: Extraterrestrial / AlienGames that have a non-human alien life-form not native to Earth as the main ...81
Protagonist: ElfThis game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or ...17
Protagonist: DemonThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a demon: a ...16
Protagonist: CavemanGames where the player is a caveman or cave-woman, including neanderthals, ...72
Protagonist: BlobThe last resort for developers who can't come up with appealing characters such ...61
Protagonist: BlackGames in which a black person (African-American, African, etc.) is the main ...83
Protagonist: BarbarianGames in which a barbarian is the main protagonist. Historically, the term ...52
Protagonist: Baby / ToddlerGames that feature a protagonist baby, toddler, or equivalent humanoid child ...12
Pro Striker seriesThe Pro Striker series was Sega's soccer franchise from 1993 to 1995, featuring ...4
Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurō! / Let's Make a Soccer Team! series3
Pro Pinball seriesThe Pro Pinball games are a series of pinball simulators from Cunning ...6
Pro Pilot series2
Project Zero / Fatal Frame series5
Project-X series2
Project IGI series2
Project Gotham Racing series4
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