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Silkroad series2
Silicon Dreams seriesThree inter-related science-fiction adventures from Level 9, later released as ...4
Silent Storm universeThe games within the Silent Storm game group are similar to the Jagged Alliance ...4
Silent Service series3
Silent Scope SeriesThe popular arcade Silent Scope games brought home.4
Silent Hunter seriesThe Silent Hunter game group is a collection of games related to the (mainly ...20
Silent Hill seriesSilent Hill is a series of primarily survival horror games, originally ...20
Signature Edition releasesThis group is for the Signature Edition releases by Merge Games, which are ...2
SI Games' Football Manager seriesFootball management games developed by Sports Interactive Limited. These are a ...20
Sierra's Collection SeriesPackages that were released under Sierra's Collection Series banner. These ...6
Sierra remakesIn the early 1990s, Sierra got the idea to remake several of their ...6
Sierra/Papyrus NASCAR series13
Sierra Hi-Res AdventuresA series of interactive fiction with graphics by On-Line Systems, starting with ...7
Sierra/Dynamix Red Baron series9
Sierra Discovery SeriesA series of educational games released by Sierra On-line in the early 90's.6
Sid Meier's licenseesGames emblazoned with the brand of strategy-simulation game designer Sid Meier. ...80
Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution series5
Sid Meier's Ace Patrol series2
Sidewize series2
Side Pocket series3
Siberian Strike / Assault Wings 1944 series3
Shtyrlitz series3
Shrek licenseesGames based on or inspired by events or characters from the DreamWorks Shrek ...24
Shredder seriesSeries of chess games3
Show do Milhão licenseesGames based on Show do Milhão, a Brazilian TV game show hosted by Silvio ...3
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