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Scene of the Crime series3
Scene It? series2
Scarygirl licensees2
Scandinavian Airports series2
Saw licensees2
Savage series2
Savage Reign series3
Savage Frontier seriesThis series is based on the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of Dungeons & ...5
Satoru Nakajima F1 seriesVarie Corporation's series of Formula 1 racing games promoted by Japanese F1 ...7
Satakore (SegaSaturn Collection) releasesTop selling and popular games for the Sega Saturn platform which have been ...35
Sargon seriesDan and Kathe Spracklen's early (1978) chess simulations for home ...6
Sapo Xulé licenseesGames that feature Sapo XulĂ©, a character based on a popular toy in Brazil back ...3
Santa Fe Mysteries seriesA series of adventure games, with 2 instalments, developed by Activision, Inc., ...2
Santa Claus in Trouble seriesChristmas/Santa themed action games originally developed by Joymania ...2
Santa Balls series3
Sango Fighter / Wu Jiang Zheng Ba seriesA series of Chinese-made versus fighting games set in the Three Kingdoms era.2
Sandlot Games' Westward Series5
Sanctum seriesA series of FPS/tower defense hybrids.3
Samurai Warriors series12
Samurai Shodown seriesWeapon fighting 2D series by SNK set in feudal Japan.13
Samurai Jack licensees2
Samorost series4
Sam & Max licenseesAdventure games featuring as main protagonists Steve Purcell's surreal ...24
Samba De Amigo series3
Samantha Swift seriesA series of hidden object games from MumboJumbo, LLC6
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