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Screamer series7
Scramble variantsGames written in the style of Konami's cavern-flying, shooting, bombing arcade ...38
Scrabble licenseesOfficially licensed computer and console versions of Hasbro and Parker ...28
SCP Foundation universeGames based in the fictional universe of "The SCP Foundation", an online, ...2
Scourge series3
Scourge of War series7
Scott Pilgrim series2
Scott Lamb's strategy seriesA series of strategy games with a distinct user interface, all developed by ...7
Scott Adams Questprobe seriesQuestprobe is a series of graphical text adventures based on Marvel comic book ...4
Scott Adams Classic AdventuresA series of adventure games written by Scott Adams. These works of interactive ...31
Scotland Yard licenseesGames based on the board game Scotland Yard by Ravensburger/Milton Bradley. In ...3
Scooby-Doo licenseesGames starring Scooby Doo and his clan of meddling detective kids, based either ...26
Scooby-Doo!: Case File series3
Schwarzschild seriesSchwarzschild is a series of sci-fi strategy games by Kogado. The games are ...7
School Rumble series2
School Days series2
Schlag den Raab licensees3
Schizm / Mysterious Journey seriesThe Schizm/Mysterious Journey games by Detalion are famous for their scientific ...3
Scenery Spain series3
Scene of the Crime series3
Scene It? series2
Scarygirl licensees2
Scandinavian Airports series2
Saw licensees2
Savage series2
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