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Setting: Australian / OceanianThis group includes games set in Australia and/or Oceania. Non-specified and ...168
Setting: Aquatic / UnderwaterGames that take place entirely or for a significant part underwater. Whether ...104
Setting: Ancient RomanThis group contains games set in the Ancient Roman milieu, taking place in the ...123
Setting: Alternate HistoryThis group should contain games that take place in an altered historical ...16
Setting: AlcatrazThis group collect games which are, partially or entirely, set in the famous ...10
Setting: AfricanThis group includes games that take place, entirely or partially, on the ...184
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster series2
Sesame Street licenseesGames based on content and characters from the Sesame Workshop (previously ...31
Serious Sam seriesSerious Sam games are named after the main character Sam "Serious" Stone, a ...24
Sentimental Graffiti series3
Sensible Sports games16
Sensible Soccer gamesThis series of soccer games is known for small-sprite top-down view and loose ...16
Senran Kagura series10
Senko no Ronde series2
Senjō no Ōkami/Commando series11
Sengoku series4
Sei Shōjo Sentai Lakers seriesA series of adult tactical games by Apple Pie.3
Seiken Densetsu / Mana seriesThe Seiken Densetsu Series of Games originally began in 1987, but after Square ...10
Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter series2
Seid seriesA series of amateur platform games created in Game Maker. 2
Seiddab gamesA series of Steve Turner games against a common foe.Related sites Wikipedia: ...6
Segyun-jeon / Spread Out seriesSegyun-jeon (세균전), also known as Spread Out, is a series of board games by the ...2
SEGA Worldwide Soccer / Victory Goal seriesSega's own series of 3D soccer games with an arcade slant, but produced ...8
SEGA Vintage Collection seriesThis is a collection of several classic games which have been originally ...27
SEGA Sports gamesGames under the SEGA Sports brand by SEGA.78
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