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Sidewize series2
Side Pocket series3
Siberian Strike / Assault Wings 1944 series3
Shtyrlitz series3
Shrek licenseesGames based on or inspired by events or characters from the DreamWorks Shrek ...24
Shredder seriesSeries of chess games3
Show do Milhão licenseesGames based on Show do Milhão, a Brazilian TV game show hosted by Silvio ...3
Showbiz Slots seriesA series of slot machine games released by The player can unlock a ...2
Shovel Knight series3
Shout About series8
Shoot the Birds series2
Shogun: Total War seriesShogun: Total War is a series of strategy games set in the Sengoku Jihai ...23
Shock Wave seriesThe Shock Wave games are a series of 3D shooters that first appeared on the 3DO ...4
Shock Troopers series2
Shivers series2
Shiryō Sensen / War of the Dead gamesShiryō Sensen (死霊戦線, War of the Dead) are post-apocalyptic, free-roaming ...4
Shiritsu Tantei Max series2
Shiren the Wanderer series3
Ship Simulator seriesA series of games developed by VSTEP simulating a wide range of ships with ...15
Shinobi seriesSEGA's long-running series of ninja-themed games, early on featuring Joe ...14
Shinobido series2
Shin Megami Tensei seriesShin Megami Tensei is the main series of role-playing games within the Megami ...14
Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica series5
Shining universe21
Shining Force seriesShining Force Series13
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