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Samorost series4
Sam & Max licenseesAdventure games featuring as main protagonists Steve Purcell's surreal ...24
Samba De Amigo series3
Samantha Swift seriesA series of hidden object games from MumboJumbo, LLC7
Sally's franchisesA series of time management games in which the title character named Sally ...2
Sakura Taisen / Sakura Wars gamesIncludes main (numbered) Sakura Taisen (サクラ大戦, "Sakura Wars") games and various ...10
Sakura Game seriesGames belonging to the erotic visual novels created by the developer Winged ...14
Sakigake!! Otokojuku licenseesGames based on the manga Sakigake!! Otokojuku by Akira Miyashita.2
Saints Row seriesSaints Row is a series of games developed by Volition and published by THQ. It ...37
Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac licenceesSaint Seiya (aka Knights of the Zodiac) is a series of Japanese manga comics ...4
Sailor Moon licenseesBased on the manga and anime franchise Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ...19
SaGa universeA large series of Japanese RPGs including Romancing SaGa, Saga Frontier ...12
Sagara Kyōichirō seriesMystery adventure game series featuring detective Sagara Kyouichirou as the ...3
Saga Frontier series4
Safecracker Series2
Safari Adventures seriesA collection of games inspired by the work of World Wildlife Fund, the global ...1
Sacred series15
Sacra Terra seriesA series of point-and-click adventure games with puzzles and hidden object ...4
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch licenseesGames under the Sabrina, The Teenage Witch TV show license.4
Sabreman seriesGames following the story of Ultimate's Sabreman. Cancelled games A fifth ...6
Saboteur series2
Sabotage / Paratrooper variantsAny game based on the fundamental "turret vs. airborne infantry" game premise ...12
Ryse series2
Ryōki no Ori series2
Rygar series3
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