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4 Elements series2
4th & Inches series2
4x4 Evo seriesRacing games focusing on pick-up trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles.2
50 Cent seriesA series of games starring the rapper/actor 50 Cent.3
5 Plus One compilationsA series of compilations published by Prism Leisure Corporation Plc.3
5-Star General seriesDenotes games that are either Panzer General, sequels of Panzer General, or use ...6
6 Great Games compilationsA series of compilations by Encore Software.2
7554 series3
7-Up's Spot licenseesGames featuring the 7-Up soda's mascot, Spot.4
7 Wonders seriesThe 7 Wonders series consists of tile matching puzzle games where the player ...4
A-10 Tank Killer seriesA flight simulation series originally developed by Dynamix, Inc., where the ...6
A320 Airbus seriesA flight simulation series for the A320 Airbus originally developed by Thalion ...3
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series2
Abaddon seriesA series of tower defense games for Xbox 360 Arcade.2
Abandoned Places seriesA German role-playing game series originally developed by ArtGame. It features ...2
ABC Sports licenseesSport games using the ABC license before ABC Interactive was acquired by the ...8
Abra Academy seriesAbra Academy is a series of hidden object adventure games. The player controls ...2
Abyss seriesA series of Japanese sci-fi text adventures with graphics, developed by Humming ...2
A Cat's Night series2
Acclaim's Wizards & Warriors seriesWizards & Warriors is a line of action games from Rare. The games concern the ...4
Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban seriesGyakuten Saiban or Ace Attorney as it is known in the west, is a series of ...10
Ace Combat seriesA series of combat flight simulators developed by Namco.TriviaIn April 2008 ...13
ACE seriesThe ACE games are flight simulations set in modern times and featuring ...2
Aces of the Deep seriesAces of the Deep is a simulation where the player controls a German submarine ...3
Aces of the Pacific seriesA flight simulation series originally developed by Dynamix, Inc., set in World ...4
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