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Casino Kid seriesA series of casino-based strategy games produced by SOFEL and loosely based on ...2
Fantastic Fossils series2
The Oil Blue series2
Bonnou-Yobikou seriesA series of adult quiz (game show) games.2
Castle Master seriesA pair of medieval-fantasy 3D romps by Incentive on their Freescape graphical ...2
Radiant series2
Mario Strikers seriesA series of soccer games starring Mario's friends and enemies.2
Blinky legacyBlinky the ghost was, for a short while, the mascot of Zeppelin Games.2
Cosmic Soldier series2
Diva Starz licenseesGames based upon Mattel, Inc.'s Diva Starz, a line of interactive talking ...2
Oasis seriesAncient Co. Ltd.'s pair of Arabian-styled action-RPGs, co-developed and ...2
Stacking series2
Communist Mutants From Space versionsDifferent implementations of the Cold War-themed top-down space shooter.2
Bomber King series2
Daredevil Denis series2
ASCII's Castle seriesA series of platformers with emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving, ...2
Hexic seriesA series of puzzle games by Tetris mastermind Alexey Pajitnov.2
State of Emergency series2
The Hunger Games licensees2
Mutant Space Bats series2
Nintendo's Robot seriesNorth American Nintendo Entertainment System titles with the words "Robot ...2
Nox series2
IndyCar Racing series2
Designasaurus series2
Star Saga series2
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