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Pocoyo series2
Hydrophobia series2
Truxton / Tatsujin seriesA series of vertically scrolling sci-fi shoot-em-ups by Toaplan.2
Seal seriesSeal (씰) is a series of Korean-made role-playing games united by a common ...2
Pokémon Play It! series2
Games referenced in literatureGames referenced in literature, novels, poems, stories, as an integral part of ...2
Zombie Apocalypse Series2
Game Engine: HOPAGames using the HOPA engine (original or modified) by Alawar Entertainment, ...2
The Fall series2
Be a King seriesA series of real-time managerial strategy games.2
Red Shark seriesA Russian series where the player takes control of a modern-day helicopter sent ...2
Sonic Dash series2
Zombie Solitaire series2
Brigandine series2
The Rivers of Alice series2
Flying Tigers seriesA series of scrolling shoot'em ups. 2
Bombaman seriesTeam Bomba's Bombaman, and its followup, Extra Ammo.2
Qb games2
Straima / Straimium series2
DrawRace series2
Chainz seriesA puzzle series by MumboJumbo, LLC involving chains.2
Rad Racer series2
Druglord seriesA series of managerial games in which the player takes the role of a drug lord.2
Metal Marines seriesA short-lived series of realtime strategy games developed by Namco and ...2
PHM Pegasus seriesA pair of mission-based military naval simulations developed by Lucasfilm.2
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