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Snatcher gamesVersions and spin-offs of Hideo Kojima's Snatcher.2
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series2
Holiday Bonus series2
Chain of Command series2
Saw licensees2
Zeke and Julie seriesA pair of games developed by Lucasarts and published by Konami featuring the ...2
Gateway seriesGames based off of Frederik Pohl's Gateway series of novels.2
Hand of Fate series2
Legend of Xanadu seriesLegend of Xanadu is a two-game spin-off series of Xanadu games (and ...2
Robot Arena series2
Ittle Dew series2
Rent A Hero series2
Nana Eiyū Monogatari series A series of tactical RPGs with adult content by Himeya Soft.2
Airlines seriesA series of economical simulations originally developed by InterActive Vision ...2
Fairy Gods gamesThe official name of a hentai anime series of "digital novels" based on ...2
Keio Flying Squadron series2
Beam Software's Cricket series2
Volguard seriesA series of side-scrolling shoot 'em ups developed by dB-SOFT.2
Zuma series2
Moonlight Energy series2
Turbo Pug series2
Virus series2
Shadow Man seriesAcclaim's game interpretations of Valiant Comics' voodoo-themed "Shadow Man" ...2
Rick Dangerous series2
Eliza versionsVarious implementations of Dr. Joseph Weizenbaum's 1966 pioneering chatterbot ...2
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