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Eversion series2
Private Nurse gamesOriginal game and different ports and variations based on Private Nurse hentai ...2
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling seriesA series of bowling games.2
Season Ticket Sports games2
The Suffering series2
Tritorn seriesTritorn (トリトーン) is a series of early medieval fantasy action role-playing games ...2
Dōkyūsei seriesDōkyūsei (同級生, "classmates") is a series of adult Japanese adventures by Elf, ...2
The Hardy Boys games2
Season Match seriesCasual tile matching games by Urse Games in which groups of tiles are removed ...2
Loaded series2
Galaxy on Fire series2
Fantasian seriesA series of Western-style (despite their Japanese origins) role-playing games ...2
Bratz licenseesGames licensed around the Bratz franchise, a series of dolls manufactured by ...2
Age of Japan series A series of tile matching games in a Japanese setting. 2
Tomarunner gamesThis group gathers the games in the Tomarunner series released exclusively in ...2
Their Finest Hour series2
Prairie Dog Hunt series2
Headhunter series2
Blacklight series2
Man of War series2
Excelsior series2
Moebius seriesOrigin's series of faux-Asian martial arts RPGs set in the exotic realm of ...2
Inspiration: Author - Jirō AkagawaGames based on novels and stories written by the Japanese author Jirō Akagawa ...2
Abaddon seriesA series of tower defense games for Xbox 360 Arcade.2
Animal Simulator seriesWild animal role-playing simulations from Sanctuary Woods, Inc.2
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