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Steam Early Access gamesGames which were originally launched through Steam Early Access as paid alpha ...98
MLB licenseesVideo game versions of the sport baseball licensed from the Major League ...97
Might and Magic universeAll games created directly under, related to, or spun off from the Might and ...97
Automobile: Chevrolet CamaroGames where the player can drive the Chevrolet Camaro. -- from The Duel: Test ...97
Theme: SchoolThis group should contain games that center (in full or partially) around ...97
Gameplay feature: Horse RidingGames in which the player can engage in the riding of equestrian animals.96
Gameplay feature: Scuba diving / SnorkelingGames in which a character explores, searches or fights underwater wearing ...96
Genre: Jigsaw puzzleGames which feature Jigsaw puzzles. An image is broken up in several pieces and ...95
Protagonist: BlackGames in which a black person (African-American, African, etc.) is the main ...94
Games released as complementary versionsGames in this group consist of multiple versions of the same game that have ...94
Genre: Card / Tile game - Mahjong Computer game adaptations of the Chinese game mahjong (historically written 麻雀, ...94
Automobile: Mazda RX-7Games in which you can drive the Mazda RX-7 and all its variants.LimitationsThe ...93
Genre: Tower defenseGames in this group are a specific type of strategy games where the goal is to ...93
Gameplay feature: PhotographyGames that use a digital camera, camera obscura, movie camera, single or twin ...92
Historical conflict: World War I Games that are based upon the First World War global conflict (called Great War ...92
Artillery variantsGames that can be feature similar gameplay to the 1976 game, Artillery. These ...92
Boulder Dash variantsAny game that is either directly descended from the Boulder Dash line of games ...92
Games made into moviesThese games have inspired movies or are a direct influence to a movie.Some of ...92
Automobile: Volkswagen GolfGames where the player can drive the Volkswagen Golf.Limitations The car must ...92
One-button gamesGames that only use one button for all input. Generally, these are game where ...91
Animals: ChickensGames where either the main/lead character or the main plot or storyline is ...91
Setting: MarsIncludes games that are set on Mars, the 4th planet of the solar system. Mars ...91
Automobile: BMW 3 SeriesGames where the player can drive a BMW 3 Series model. This group also includes ...91
Gameplay feature: New Game+A New Game+ is an unlockable feature in a wide variety of games, which allows ...90
Setting: Belle ÉpoqueA transitional period in history, which started in the late 19th century ...90
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