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Inspiration: Horror moviesThis group contains games based on horror movies, released either in theaters, ...116
Japanese Xbox 360 game releases with full English supportThis group should contain Japanese releases which have 100% support for ...114
Covermount: FullgamesGames featured as covermounts for Fullgames, a Brazilian magazine.Related ...113
Theme: AmnesiaGames that use amnesia as a plot device: The plot usually identifies the main ...113
Automobile: Ford MustangGames where the player can drive the Ford Mustang. This group also includes the ...113
Battlefield seriesThe Battlefield franchise is a row of first-person tactical shooters from ...113
Genre: Sliding block / tile puzzleGames which feature sliding puzzles, also known as sliding block or sliding ...113
Video games turned into board / card gamesVideo games that have been converted into board, card or other non-digital ...112
Inspiration: Author - J. R. R. TolkienGames: Games based off of J. R. R. Tolkien's literary works, especially the ...112
Theme: Street racingGames which revolve around the practice of street racing, i.e. racing of motor ...111
Theme: SchoolThis group should contain games that center (in full or partially) around ...110
Genre: Open world / Free-roaming / Sandbox action and drivingThis group includes games set in vast, predominantly urban environments, in ...109
Genre: Tactical shooterTactical shooters is a sub-genre of shooters where the emphasis lies on ...109
Animals: BirdsGames that feature birds as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent ...109
Artillery variantsGames that can be feature similar gameplay to the 1976 game, Artillery. These ...108
Games released as complementary versionsGames in this group consist of multiple versions of the same game that have ...107
Physical Bonus Content: World MapThis group should include all the games which include printed map of the ...107
Automobile: Chevrolet CamaroGames where the player can drive the Chevrolet Camaro. -- from The Duel: Test ...106
10 Tons of Games: Mega Collection 1 (games included)Games included in the 10 Tons of Games: Mega Collection 1 compilation106
Company of Heroes seriesA series of real-time strategy games set during World War II, developed by ...105
Genre: Simulation - MusicPerforming arts games let the player take part in music simulations and become ...104
Tommy's GamesGames by Tommy's Toys originally released in the eighties on BBS.104
Bemani gamesThis group collects all of the games under Konami's "Bemani" brand. These are ...104
3D Engine: UnrealEngine4Games using a version of the fourth generation Unreal engine (original or ...104
Pong variantsGames based on Pong, involving a ball and two paddles. Limitations Games ...104
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