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Be a King seriesA series of real-time managerial strategy games.2
Tryst series2
Virtual Reality Studio series2
Maldita Castilla series2
Woodle Tree series2
Hayate seriesA series of adult anime-style fighting games by Altacia.2
StarFlyers series2
Crimson Sea series2
Ka series2
Mawasunda!! seriesTaito's series of mini-game collections.2
Fighting Fantasy series2
WinBack seriesA pair of unrelated action games produced by KOEI, each focusing on a ...2
Truxton / Tatsujin seriesA series of vertically scrolling sci-fi shoot-em-ups by Toaplan.2
Sweevo seriesGames from FTL starring Sweevo the robot2
N.O.V.A. series2
Punishment series2
NFL Coaches Club series2
Dracula in London versions2
Shape Up series2
Avalon Legends Solitaire seriesA series of card-based games set in medieval Camelot and involving Druids of ...2
Lands of Dream series2
Suzumiya Haruhi licenseesGames based on Suzumiya Haruhi manga and/or anime.2
Cookie Clickers series2
Crashday series2
Titan seriesSeries of games revolving around Titans (inhabitants of Saturn's moon Titan) ...2
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