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Ka series2
WayOut seriesA series of puzzle games developed by Konstructors.2
Soft de Hard na Monogatari seriesA series of adventure games by System Sacom which tell a semi-humorous story ...2
Sweevo seriesGames from FTL starring Sweevo the robot2
Big Run series2
Engacho! versions2
Dracula in London versions2
Galaxy on Fire series2
Star Force seriesA series of scrolling shoot-'em-ups that deal with fighting the evil and ...2
Total Eclipse series2
Game Engine: Adventure Programming EngineAccolade's ~1990 adventure game engine cloning the look and feel of Sierra's ...2
The Hardy Boys games2
Get Dexter series2
Diamond Luis seriesA series of Boulder Dash clones for the Spectravideo SVI-3x8 computers.2
The Suffering series2
Jimmy Connors licenseesTennis games licensed/endorsed by Jimmy Connors.2
Hedgehog Launch series2
Johnny Reb series2
Space Haste series2
Evergrace series2
Magnetic Joe series2
Private Nurse gamesOriginal game and different ports and variations based on Private Nurse hentai ...2
Baseball Simulator 1.000 / Ultra Baseball series2
Upwords licenseesOfficially licensed computer and console versions of Hasbro's Upwords (recently ...2
UFC Undisputed series2
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