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Universe Sandbox series2
Insane series2
Sea Monkeys gamesGames based on the Sea-Monkeys brand.2
3D Engine: ChameleonGames using a version of the proprietary game engine Chameleon (original or ...2
William Gibson licenseesGames directly based around the works of the author William Gibson.2
Skull Quest series2
The Rocketeer licensees2
Johnny Reb series2
Space Haste series2
Robokill series2
Factory Balls series2
Micro Man games2
Retro Game Challenge / Game Center CX seriesA series of games produced by Shinya Arino, a Japanese comedian who hosts a ...3
Every Extend seriesA series of psychedelic shooters3
Planetfall seriesSteve Meretzky's pair of sci-fi Infocom text adventures, putting the player in ...3
Total Soccer series3
Amped Snowboarding seriesA series of snowboarding games with an emphasis on performing tricks and stunts.3
Aura seriesA series of first-person adventure games with emphasis on atmosphere and logic ...3
Panic Bomber seriesA series of puzzle games based on the Hudson Soft's Bomberman franchise.3
Crystal Key series3
Carrier Command seriesA series of action/strategy games.3
Laser Squad series3
Rise of the Robots series3
Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurō! / Let's Make a Soccer Team! series3
Go Go Ackman seriesSeries of games based on a manga created by Akira Toriyama.3
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