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Actua Golf seriesGremlin's series of golf simulations, part of their Actua Sports brand.3
Show do Milhão licenseesGames based on Show do Milhão, a Brazilian TV game show hosted by Silvio ...3
Hotel Giant seriesA series of strategy games developed by Enlight Software in which the player ...3
Thomas the Tank Engine licenseesGames based around the cartoon trains and other vehicles3
Sapo Xulé licenseesGames that feature Sapo Xulé, a character based on a popular toy in Brazil back ...3
Wallie seriesWallie P. Jones is a character created by Andrew Challis and published by ...3
Cities XL series3
Nightfall Mysteries series3
Genre: Sports - Curling3
Enemy Front series3
Sound engine: AHXAHX (short for Abyss Highest eXperience), formerly known as THX, is a synthetic ...3
Deadpool licensees3
Nooch series3
Muhammad Ali licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Muhammad Ali.3
Wizball series3
Puzzle Boy seriesA series of puzzle games with gameplay similar to Soko-Ban. 3
Death to Spies series3
Revs series3
EA Sports Superbike seriesA series of licensed racing games simulating the World Superbike championship, ...3
Everblue series3
Aero the Acrobat seriesDavid Siller's platform games featuring the acrobatic feats of a circus bat ...3
Rurouni Kenshin licenseesGames based on the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga series created by Nobuhiro ...3
Super Sprint seriesAtari Games' line of top-down racing games3
Zeus series3
Ghost Master games3
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