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Riddle of the Sphinx seriesSeries of adventure games by Omni Creative with an Egyptian theme that include ...3
Dead of the Brain seriesA series of Japanese-style horror adventure games with a zombie theme.3
Raidou Kuzunoha seriesSub-series of the RPG series Devil Summoner, which is a part of the ...3
Arnie seriesA series of isometric third-person-shooters where the player takes control of ...3
Mazinger Z licenseesGames inspired by Go Nagai's "super robot" manga and anime series Mazinger Z.3
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator seriesCombat Flight Simulator is a combat-oriented spin-off series of the civil ...3
King of the Monsters seriesGames in the series of wrestling / action games created by SNK for their NeoGeo ...3
Backbreaker series3
Charlotte's Web gamesGames inspired by the children's novel Charlotte's Web.3
Incoming series3
SSI Buck Rogers seriesThis series of role-playing games by SSI is based on TSR's setting and board ...3
3D Engine: Vector EngineGames using a version of the proprietary Vector Engine (original or modified) ...3
Untold Legends series3
Vardit series3
Kingdom Rush series3
Tactical Assassin series3
Carrie the Caregiver games3
Majin Tensei seriesStrategy RPGs that belong to Megaten universe3
Kobe Bryant Courtside seriesA line of licensed basketball games from Nintendo.3
Ghost in the Shell universeGames taking place in the Ghost in the Shell Universe based on the Japanese ...3
Tenchi Muyo licenseesGames based on the manga/anime series Tenchi Muyo (more exact romanization: ...3
Thunder Blade series3
BMX Simulator series3
Moto Roader series3
Rastan series3
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