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Panzer Tactics series3
Wave Race series3
Rollcage series3
Nigel Mansell licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Nigel Mansell.3
Fat Princess series3
TY the Tasmanian Tiger seriesGames featuring TY, the Tasmanian Tiger.3
Pro Pilot series3
Go Go Ackman seriesSeries of games based on a manga created by Akira Toriyama.3
ECW Wrestling games3
Nooch series3
Earl Bobby series3
Parappa the Rappa series3
Mario Andretti licenseesGames licensed after the Italian-born racer Mario Andretti.3
Switchblade seriesHiro's side-view action fight against Havok3
Wreck-it Ralph licenseesGames based on the 2012 Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph.3
Puzzle & Action seriesSeries of variety games produced by SEGA in the '90s, which were largely arcade ...3
ExZeus gamesA series of rail shooters based on the arcade game ExZeus3
Angeln series3
Raging Thunder seriesA series of mobile racing games3
Rival Schools series3
Hexcells series3
3D Engine: OnyxGames using a version a version of the proprietary Onyx engine (original or ...3
Sei Shōjo Sentai Lakers seriesA series of adult tactical games by Apple Pie.3
Insider Tales seriesINTENIUM's series of hidden object games.3
Robotron legacyGames based on the 1982 arcade game Robotron: 2084 by Williams Electronics.3
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