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Pete Sampras Tennis series3
Jumping Flash series3
Warrior Kings series3
World War One seriesA series of grand strategy games inspired by the board game La Grande Guerre ...3
Riddle of the Sphinx seriesSeries of adventure games by Omni Creative with an Egyptian theme that include ...3
Crosscountry series3
Wave Race series3
Outcast series3
Arthur's Knights seriesA series of adventure games based on the legends of King Artur's Knights of the ...3
ECW Wrestling games3
Go Go Ackman seriesSeries of games based on a manga created by Akira Toriyama.3
Fictional character: Robinson CrusoeGames featuring Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist of Daniel Defoe's famous early ...3
Brink series3
Genre: Sports - Judo3
Rosemond series3
Setting: City - DubaiGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Dubai, United Arab ...3
Rival Schools series3
Monster House licenseesGames based on the Columbia Pictures' animated movie 3
Electronic Super Joy series3
Sei Shōjo Sentai Lakers seriesA series of adult tactical games by Apple Pie.3
Kyd Cadet Series3
Insider Tales seriesINTENIUM's series of hidden object games.3
Bully versions3
Robotron legacyGames based on the 1982 arcade game Robotron: 2084 by Williams Electronics.3
Mysterious City seriesA series of hidden object games developed by Gold Casual Games. 3
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