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My Merry series3
Silent Service series3
Alien Hominid gamesA series of action games. While the console version of Alien Hominid is a ...3
Imperium Galactica series3
Candy Crush Sega series3
Rushing Beat seriesRushing Beat are a series of beat-em-up games from Jaleco.3
Rescue Rover series3
Dyna Brothers seriesA series of strategy games produced by CRI in which the player commands an army ...3
3D Engine: Crystal EngineGames using a version of the proprietary Crystal Engine (original or modified) ...3
Brave Dwarves series3
TNN fishing series3
Fictional character: Hong GildongHong Gildong (Hangul: 홍길동; Hanja: 洪吉童) is the hero of the novel Tale of Hong ...3
Return Fire seriesThe Return Fire Series features "capture the flag" combat between two opposing ...3
Broforce series3
Dungeon Defenders series3
Galgun series3
Rollcage series3
Nigel Mansell licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Nigel Mansell.3
Barry Steakfries seriesA series of action games by Halfbrick starring the recurrent character Barry ...3
Puzzli seriesA series of fishing themed tile matching puzzle games.3
Grey Goo series3
Spitzenreiter seriesGames belonging to the Spitzenreiter franchise. The German football managerial ...3
Les Justiciers seriesThis series of compilations of Ocean was released in France between 1989 and ...3
Earl Bobby series3
Aldo series3
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