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Deluxe Ski Jump series3
3D Engine: X3DGames using a version of the X3D (original or modified) by 4X Technologies ...3
Outlaws series3
Crystal Key series3
Setting: Japanese Heian PeriodGames dealing with Japanese history from 794 to 1185 AD/CE. The Heian Period ...3
Ski Racing series3
Rogue Trooper licenseesGames based on the Rogue Trooper comic from 2000 AD.3
Fire and Forget series3
Virtual Chess seriesAll of the Virtual Chess games by Titus Software (Titus Interactive).3
Kasparov licenseesChess games seeking legitimacy through the licensing of the name and likeness ...3
Motocross Mania series3
Nightmare Creatures series3
Alien Phobia seriesA series of simple shoot 'em ups3
Putty seriesSystem 3 games starring an amorphous blue blob3
Thinkin' Things collections3
The War of the Worlds gamesIncludes games based on H. G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds as well as the ...3
Chicken Little licensees3
Air Warrior seriesA series of flight simulator games developed by Kesmai Corporation.3
Echelon universe3
Pee & Gity seriesPee & Gity (피와기티) is a series of cartoon-style brawlers by the Korean developer ...3
Euro Club Manager series3
Cameltry seriesGames based on the Cameltry arcade game made by Taito in 1989. The goal of the ...3
AeroWings seriesThis series consists of flight simulation games. Their focus shift from ...3
Lords of Midnight seriesA series of fantasy strategic/RPG titles from Mike Singleton. The games plots ...3
Aerial Combat seriesA series of shareware dogfighting games for the Atari ST, written in STOS.3
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