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The War of the Worlds gamesIncludes games based on H. G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds as well as the ...3
The Manhole versions3
Montezuma's Revenge series3
Iron Brigade series3
The Horse Gang gamesGames starring The Horse Gang, 3 child detectives. Most of the games involve ...3
Immoral Study series3
Super Sidekicks series3
Rocket Power licensees3
Sagara Kyōichirō seriesMystery adventure game series featuring detective Sagara Kyouichirou as the ...3
Rosemond series3
Mirror's Edge seriesA sequel to the original game was confirmed in the Summer of 2010, but in ...3
Colony Wars series3
Gameplay Feature: Licensed restaurant / café / store / etc.This group should contain games which feature life-like versions of actual ...3
Shaun Palmer licensees3
Teleglitch series3
Blue Dragon series3
Lethal Enforcers seriesArcade shoot 'em ups form Konami, based around using a light gun.3
Heavy Metal gamesGames inspired on the Heavy Metal franchise (comic books, movie, cartoon, etc).3
Game Engine: iOS FizmoThe iOS versions of these platform-independent Z-code games were brought to ...3
Lunatic Dawn seriesA series of Japanese-made RPGs that follow a decidedly Western "old-school" ...3
Millennium series3
Xpand Rally series3
Pinball Hall of Fame series3
Azada seriesA series of adventure games with regularly appearing logic puzzles aimed at a ...3
Aircraft: Avro VulcanGames featuring the Avro Vulcan, part of Britain's nuclear retaliation force ...3
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