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Fantastic Voyage licensees3
Spaceforce series3
Audiogenic World Class Sports seriesSports games with the "World Class" title, released by Audiogenic in the early ...3
R.C. Pro-Am series3
Wagan Land seriesA series of platform games starring a green mechanical dinosaur named Wagan or ...3
Clifford licensees3
Kessen series3
Crayon Physics games3
Lethal Skies / Sidewinder series3
InuYasha licenseesGames based on the manga series InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi or its anime ...3
Parkan series3
Putty seriesSystem 3 games starring an amorphous blue blob3
Chicken Little licensees3
Game Engine: Torque 360Games using a version of the Torque 360, a variation of the Torque Engine ...3
Tank: LeichttraktorGames in which players can command the Leichttraktor tank (and its upgraded ...3
50 Cent seriesA series of games starring the rapper/actor 50 Cent.3
Let's Play series3
Assault Suits seriesA group of mech combat games developed by NCS. The games share very few ...3
Kudos seriesThe Kudos series are a series of life simulation games. These games typically ...3
Let's Golf! series3
Rise of the Robots series3
Triad Compilation seriesA series of (appropriately) three compilations, each containing 3 games, as a ...3
G1 Jockey series3
Technology: GametrakGames that make use of the Gametrak. The gametrak is a small box you place on ...3
Jeep gamesGames that feature Jeep brand cars, or heavy Jeep product placment.3
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