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Alien Phobia seriesA series of simple shoot 'em ups3
Universe seriesOmnitrend's series of science fiction games.3
Beast Busters series3
Biko series3
Impossible Creatures series3
Conduit series3
Fatty Bear's seriesGames featuring Humongous Entertainment's Fatty Bear. 3
Horace gamesThis group includes the games starring Psion's Horace character.Related Sites ...3
The Manhole versions3
McGee series3
Wreck-it Ralph licenseesGames based on the 2012 Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph.3
Robot Wars licensees3
Game Engine: Random Games 1996-2000 Strategy EngineThe isometric engine developed by Random Games for a series of their strategy ...3
Unsolved Mysery Club seriesA series of adventure games from Freeze Tag about a club that attempts to solve ...3
Metal & Lace / Ningyō Tsukai seriesA series of versus fighting games with erotic elements.3
Tilt to Live series3
Game Engine: OPALIUMGames made using the Nebulaquest C++ game engine OPALIUM for Windows. A ...3
Physics Engine: TokamakGames using a version of the Tokamak Physics engine by David Lam to emulate ...3
Super Star Wars seriesAction games based on the original Star Wars trilogy (episodes IV, V, and VI) ...3
Burai Fighter series3
Sin'geom-ui Jeonseol / Liar seriesSin'geom-ui Jeonseol (신검의전설) is a series of role-playing games originally ...3
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove licenseesGames based on characters and scenarios from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove ...3
Super Sidekicks series3
Shredder seriesSeries of chess games3
TimeSplitters seriesTimeSplitters series of games.3
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