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Hollywood Squares licenceesGames based on the TV shows of the same name.2
Heretic Kingdoms series2
Houtei Raoyui seriesA series of strip mahjong games by Queen Soft.2
Dracula Detective series2
Evander Holyfield licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Evander Holyfield.2
Klix! series2
Geekwad series2
Legends of the Lost RealmLegends of the Lost Realm is a fantasy role-playing game RPG for the Macintosh.2
Ikkitōsen / Battle Vixens licenseesGames based on the Ikkitōsen (一騎当千) manga and anime franchise created by Yuji ...2
Robomaze seriesSeries of games developed by Wetware which begins with a freedom fighter who ...2
Seid seriesA series of amateur platform games created in Game Maker. 2
Slicks 'n' Slide variantsRacing games that follow the new independet racing games overhead style set by ...2
Voyeur seriesA series of FMV adventure games from Philips Interactive Media in which the ...2
Professional Bull Rider series2
Fluidity series2
Iron series2
Simple 1500 Series Hello KittyThis group was released under the Simple 1500 Series label to separate Hello ...2
UltraVixen series2
The Eye of Judgment series2
Thunder Dragon series2
Rock n' Roll Racing series2
Wuzzit series2
Gem Smashers series2
Alabama Smith seriesA series of casual adventure games starring the adventurer Alabama Smith.2
Bubble Blobb series2
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