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Driving Simulator series3
Scotland Yard licenseesGames based on the board game Scotland Yard by Ravensburger/Milton Bradley. In ...3
Foxy Jumper series3
Shenmue seriesShenmue (シェンムー or 莎木) is a series of games by Yu Suzuki, united by an ...3
Jake Hunter / Tantei Jinguuji Saburou seriesA long-running series of crime investigation games originally created by Data ...3
Cyberia series3
Joint Operations series3
Blades of Steel series3
Crimson seriesA series of medieval-themed role-playing games by Xtalsoft. 3
Football Mogul series3
Forfaral seriesFantasy RPGs that take place in the magical realm of Forfaral.3
Nightmare Creatures series3
Thinkin' Things collections3
Air Warrior seriesA series of flight simulator games developed by Kesmai Corporation.3
Middleware: GameCODAGames using the GameCODA multi-platform audio middleware technology by ...3
Bloodlust Software universeA humourous, yet gory fictional setting where all the games developed by ...3
Game Engine: CINERGYGames using a version of the CINERGY engine (original of modified) developed by ...3
Motocross Maniacs seriesThis group contains Konami's sidescrolling dirt-bike games for handheld ...3
Paper Mario seriesThe Paper Mario series, created by Intelligent Systems, have elements of RPGs ...3
Dr. Franken seriesThe ongoing platforming adventures of "Franky", Dr. Von Frankenbone's most, uh, ...3
Imperium Galactica series3
Rogue Trooper licenseesGames based on the Rogue Trooper comic from 2000 AD.3
Hook licenseesGames based on the 1991 Steven Spielberg film Hook.3
Lords of Midnight seriesA series of fantasy strategic/RPG titles from Mike Singleton. The games plots ...3
Uprising series3
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