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River City series7
River City Ransom series2
Rivals of Aether4
Rival Schools series3
Rival Books of Aster series9
Risk licenseesThis group contains all officially licensed games based on the board game ...14
Rising Sun seriesTalonsoft wargames focusing on the Pacific theatre of World War II.Note: A part ...3
Rise of Venice series2
Rise of the Triad series1st-generation (Wolf3D engine) first-person shooting galore (or was that gore?) ...5
Rise of the Tomb Raider series12
Rise of the Robots series3
Rise of Prussia series2
Rise of Nations series5
Risen seriesRole-playing games developed by Piranha Bytes and starring an "Unnamed Hero" as ...15
Riptide series2
R.I.P. seriesGames from the R.I.P. series by (White) Elephant Games. Sometimes known as RIP ...3
Riot series2
Rio licensees4
Ringworld series2
Rings of the Magi series2
Rings of Medusa series4
Ring seriesGames based upon or inspired by Richard Wagner's epic opera Ring of the ...2
Ring Master seriesA series of Western-style role-playing games by Hobby Japan.2
Riglord Saga/Blazing Heroes series2
Righteous City series2
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