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Microsoft Golf versionsGolf games released by Microsoft.6
Microsoft Flight Simulator seriesArguably the longest running PC "game" series in existence, this group is for ...22
Microsoft Entertainment Pack series7
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator seriesCombat Flight Simulator is a combat-oriented spin-off series of the civil ...3
Microsoft Baseball series3
Microprose Tycoon seriesAll Microprose managerial simulation games marketed until the Tycoon name.18
MicroProse Stealth Fighter series3
Microprose Lightspeed series2
MicroProse Grand Prix seriesGames developed or distributed by MicroProse (or later owners ...15
MicroProse Command Series gamesThe Command Series of games were strategic maneuver games where players would ...3
Micro Man games2
Micro Machines seriesGames based on the "Micro Machines" toy franchise which consist of really ...11
MicroLink board game translationsMicrolink versions of popular dice games3
Micro League Sports series6
Mickey Mouse licenseesGames starring Disney's Mickey Mouse.For games that feature other Disney ...38
Mickey Mouse Illusion series6
Michael Schumacher licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Michael Schumacher.2
Michael Owen licenseesSoccer games licensed/endorsed by Michael Owen.2
Michael Jordan licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Michael Jordan3
Michael Jackson licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by the pop musician Michael Jackson.7
Michael Andretti licenseesGames licensed after the Italian-born racer Michael Andretti, son of Mario ...3
Miami Vice licensed titlesGames that are licensed off the "Miami Vice" intellectual property, which ...3
Metro seriesMetro is a series of games based on the novel Metro 2033 and its sequels ...7
Metropolismania series2
Metropolis Crimes / Red Johnson's Chronicles series2
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