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Wizzy seriesGames starring Revival Studios character, Wizzy.3
Wizball series3
Wizards & Warriors editions2
Wizard's Doom games2
Wizard's Crown seriesA pair of Ultima-style fantasy RPGs by SSI, most notable for their detailed ...2
Wizard's Castle variantsThis game group contains games with similar gameplay to the classic The ...6
Wizardry Xth series2
Wizardry gamesWizardry is a series of role-playing games originally developed by Sir-tech. ...29
Wizardry Gaiden series2
With You series2
Witchaven series2
Witch and Hero series3
Wisdom Tree's Bible-themed gamesA series of games from developer Wisdom Tree loosely based on events from the ...12
WipEout seriesA series of futuristic racing games where the player controls hi-tech ...14
Wipeout licenseesGames based on the television game show Wipeout (2008-2014).4
Winzer seriesA series of managerial simulations about the cultivation of wine.3
Winx Club LicenseesWinx Club is an Italian television cartoon series aimed at young girls. It ...8
Win the Game series2
Winning Post series3
Winnie the Pooh gamesGames featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends18
Wings over seriesSeries of flight simulators by Third Wire Productions, Inc..3
Wings of PreyGaijin Entertainment's World War II flight combat simulation series. 3
Wings of Honour seriesSeries of World War I arcade flight simulators.2
Wings of Death series3
Wings gamesVersions, remakes and editions of Cinemaware's Wings game.3
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