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Namco Anthology series2
Mercury series2
Momentum Missile Mayhem seriesSeries of defense games which focus on physics to attack and repel the endless ...2
Age of Pirates seriesA role-playing series depicting the pirate way of life, originally including ...2
World Racing seriesRacing games developed by Synetic.2
Avadon seriesA series of role playing games set around the Black Fortress called Avadon. You ...2
Star Rank Boxing seriesBoxing games from Gamestar combining side-view fights with training sequences ...2
Great Legends gamesGreat Legends is a series of mobile games by GlobalFun that focuses on various ...2
Torrente gamesGames adapted from Santiago Segura's Spanish movies, featuring politically ...2
Santa Claus in Trouble seriesChristmas/Santa themed action games originally developed by Joymania ...2
Blasterball series2
Universe Sandbox series2
Alphadia Genesis series2
Mondo seriesA series of games produced by Cactus Software. They are 3D games, played from a ...2
Insane series2
Sea Monkeys gamesGames based on the Sea-Monkeys brand.2
3D Engine: ChameleonGames using a version of the proprietary game engine Chameleon (original or ...2
William Gibson licenseesGames directly based around the works of the author William Gibson.2
The Deed series2
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes series2
Bosconian games2
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends licensees2
Ninja Senki series2
Skull Quest series2
Gardening Mama series2
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