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Chess Housers series2
Samurai Jack licensees2
Iron Storm / World War Zero series2
Nintendo's Adventure seriesSpecifically refers to North American Nintendo Entertainment System titles that ...2
Ollo LegacyA series of shoot-'em-up games created by ECP in the '80s. 2
Wetrix series2
Sublogic Jet seriesSublogic's spin-off of the Flight Simulator series, featuring combat jets.2
Metropolismania series2
Sagara Kyōichirō seriesMystery adventure game series featuring detective Sagara Kyouichirou as the ...2
Tradewinds seriesSeries of merchant games set in the 19th century.2
3D Engine: GrimEGames using a version of the GrimE engine (original or modified) created by ...2
Interpol series2
Super Mario Galaxy series2
Cavelon legacy2
Alundra seriesA series of action games with emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving.2
Time Trap seriesTime Trap by Gem Software was supposed to be the first part in a trilogy about ...2
Sydney series2
Alien Outbreak SeriesTop down sci-fi shooter games in the Alien Outbreak series developed by Bee ...2
Agent X legacyThe entries in this series are split up into several mini games, e.g. fighting ...2
Fantasia Sango/Huanxiang Sanguozhi series2
Gungrave seriesA series of anime-styled games featuring the character Grave. 2
Battle Clash seriesIntelligent Systems series of rail shooters that utilized the Super Scope light ...2
Houtei Raoyui seriesA series of strip mahjong games by Queen Soft.2
Captain Gysi series2
Roland seriesA series of eight games of varying genres featuring Amsoft's mascot character ...2
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