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Fish Fillets seriesSeries of puzzle games by Altar Games with two secret agent fish as ...2
Hawaiian Explorer Games2
Shredder seriesSeries of chess games2
Abyss seriesA series of Japanese sci-fi text adventures with graphics, developed by Humming ...2
Legend series2
Car Jacker series2
Vanguard series2
Regional Power series2
The Shivah series2
Quantum Gate series2
NFL Football Trivia Challenge series2
Sally's franchisesA series of time management games in which the title character named Sally ...2
Singles series2
Leyendas de Lhodrye series2
Conception series2
Abandoned Places seriesA German role-playing game series originally developed by ArtGame. It features ...2
PT Boats seriesA series of naval combat simulators, developed by Akella. Originally known in ...2
ATV: Quad Power Racing seriesA series of racing games where the players use ATVs (all-terrain vehicles).2
Covert Front seriesA series of flash-based point-and-click adventure games where the player ...2
Speedway Manager series2
Premium series2
Bill Walsh College Football series2
Carnage Heart seriesA series of robot-programming games from Artdink, which includes the ...2
Gooka gamesGames based on the series of fantasy novels by Czechoslovak writer Vlado Ríša ...2
iF-22 series2
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