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Saboteur series2
Sonic Drift series2
Choice of the Vampire series2
Kick Boxer series2
Red Remover series2
Middleware: xaitControlGames using a version of the xaitControl middleware by Xaitment, which is owned ...2
Cosmic Balance series2
Epic / Inferno series2
Rare's Snake seriesA pair of games by the company Rare featuring segmented snakes eating necessary ...2
The World Ends with You series2
Back to Earth series2
Rooster series2
Dezeni series2
Biing series2
James Clavell's Shogun adaptations2
Depth Hunter series2
Baron Baldric seriesGames featuring Baron Baldric as the main character.2
Andre Agassi licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Andre Agassi.2
3D Engine: ArgonGames using a version of the Argon engine (original or modified) by Silden.2
Hurdle Turtle series2
New Boggle Boggle seriesNew Boggle Boggle (뉴 보글보글) is a series of Korean-made games heavily inspired by ...2
Totem Destroyer series2
SEGA Ninja gamesThis game group deals with the ports of the arcade game SEGA Ninja (Ninja ...2
Middleware: xaitMapGames using a version of the xaitMap middleware by Xaitment, which is owned by ...2
Vanguard series2
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