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Avalon Legends Solitaire seriesA series of card-based games set in medieval Camelot and involving Druids of ...2
Zombies, Run! series2
Gyron series2
Star Trek: Armada series2
DarXide series2
Skyfox seriesMid-'80s in-cockpit sci-fi spaceflight simulations, with emphasis on ...2
Fighter's History seriesA series of 2D one-on-one fighting games by Data East Corporation.2
GP-1 series2
Closure series2
Final Zone series2
Jinkō Shōjo / Artificial Girl seriesA series of Japanese simulation games where the player constructs and tries to ...2
It came from space, and ate our brains series2
Middleware: NavigationGames using the Navigation middleware developed by Autodesk. It is AI ...2
Virus series2
Foxy seriesAdult turn-based strategy series by Elf.2
Strike Vector series2
Chase Ace series2
Namco Anthology series2
Rent A Hero series2
Moonlight Energy series2
World Racing seriesRacing games developed by Synetic.2
Protoganda series2
Turbo Pug series2
Working Dawgs series2
Agent X legacyThe entries in this series are split up into several mini games, e.g. fighting ...2
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