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Enslaved seriesA series of third-person action games2
Palamedes seriesHot B's arcade puzzlers with dice.2
Batman: The Telltale Series2
Injū Genmu series2
Double Dribble seriesSeries of basketball games spawned from the 1986's arcade game Double Dribble - ...2
Game Engine: StencylGames made using the Stencyl game creation platform. It was first publicly ...2
War Wind series2
Bulldozer series2
Instant Indie Collection series2
Captain Comic series2
Warp Warp seriesA series of overhead shooters by Namco. Players take control of a monster ...2
Night Mission Pinball versions2
Jenga games2
Tobal series2
Hockey League Simulator series2
Miss Mind series2
Charlie the Duck series2
Retro seriesCactus Games' action shooting games2
Mirage series2
Toy Cars series2
Robot Arena series2
Revell's Racer seriesA series of racing games featuring Revell's car model kits.2
Pikubi series2
Konami ReBirth seriesA series of remakes of classic Konami games released digitally on the Nintendo ...2
Dark Disciples series2
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