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Leather Goddesses of Phobos series2
Shadow Struggle / Critical Blow seriesPair of 3D fighting games produced by Banpresto / Racdym, connected by story ...2
Maryū Gakuen series2
Big Brother seriesGames based on the TV reality show Big Brother.2
Mystery Master seriesBrainBank's early optionally multiplayer mystery-unraveling games for home ...2
iF-22 series2
Mini Motor Racing series2
Art of Balance series2
Qogo seriesChris Sawyer's two Q*Bert clones for the Memotech MTX computer.2
Premium series2
Big Box seriesA series of compilations by Beau Jolly.2
Bill Walsh College Football series2
Next Move SeriesA series of Casino and Card games developed by Capstone Software and published ...2
Danger Mouse licensees2
Mermaid no Kisetsu series2
Megamix series2
Bushido Blade seriesA pair of semi-realistic weapons-based fighting games produced by Square and ...2
Zombie Apocalypse Series2
HappyLand Adventures series2
Spanky's Quest series2
Fate series2
Noitu Love seriesA series of fast-paced platformers developed by Joakim Sandberg. The first game ...2
Ringworld series2
Camp California series2
Morningstar series2
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