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Iron Storm / World War Zero series2
Greg Hastings licensees2
Ollo LegacyA series of shoot-'em-up games created by ECP in the '80s. 2
Magical Story series2
Big 10 Compilation seriesContains the Big 10 compilations from Koch Media.2
Team 17 Arcade Sports seriesA line of games which took the serious sides out of some serious sports2
William Gibson licenseesGames directly based around the works of the author William Gibson.2
Maryū Gakuen series2
Development Tools: PopCap Games Framework gamesThese games were developed using the PopCap Games Framework development kit for ...2
Pacific War versions2
Fruit Lockers seriesFruit Lockers are tile-matching strategy games developed by e-FunSoft Games2
Big Brother seriesGames based on the TV reality show Big Brother.2
Ryse series2
Michael Owen licenseesSoccer games licensed/endorsed by Michael Owen.2
Miecze Valdgira series2
Reel Fishing series2
Superstars V8 seriesA series of racing games developed by Milestone s.r.l.2
Clockwork Knight seriesA series of games featuring the adventures of the wind-up toy knight Sir ...2
Zap't'Balls seriesThe Amstrad CPC clone of Pang and its follow-ups.Related Game Groups Pang ...2
Noitu Love seriesA series of fast-paced platformers developed by Joakim Sandberg. The first game ...2
Robot Arena series2
Prairie Dog Hunt series2
Nox series2
Guardian seriesSeries of Defender clones from programmer Steve Evans.2
Sugar Cube seriesThese are a series of games by Turtle Cream that involve a sugar cube that ...2
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