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Battalion Commander series2
Dynabusters seriesA series of Dynablaster clones for the Atari STE by TSCC/Synacore.2
Super Time Force series2
Monster and Monster's Walk seriesA series of games where a Victorian gentleman with an internal monologue tries ...2
Rumble Roses series2
Castle Fantasia series2
Psyvariar series2
Fate seriesA series of visual novels with adult content by Type-Moon.2
Pony Friends series2
Angela Young seriesA series of hidden object games. The player takes the role of Angela Young who ...2
Bounty Hunter Sara series2
Kisō Louga seriesA series of turn-based strategy games by Kogado.2
Toy Cars series2
Cryo's Timescape series2
Battlestations seriesA series of WWII action/real-time tactic games set in the Pacific theatre. The ...2
Tony Tough Adventure series2
1080° seriesA series of snowboarding games originally developed by Nintendo.2
Bubble Blobb series2
Chernobyl series2
Buddrick's Experiment seriesA series of action platform games themed around deadly prison experiments, ...2
Superfrog series2
Nicky Boom seriesPair of platform games by Microïds featuring as protagonist the precocious ...2
Bagger-Simulator series2
SeaQuest DSV licensees2
Spectral Force series2
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