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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in ascending order# Games
Torrente gamesGames adapted from Santiago Segura's Spanish movies, featuring politically ...2
Shelober series2
Chuggington licensees2
Zombotron series2
Zen: Intergalactic Ninja gamesGames featuring the comic book character Zen.2
Kikutan SeriesKikutan language learning games.2
Biing series2
Wetrix series2
Bikkuriman licenseesGames based on the characters appearing on the original Bikkuriman collectible ...2
Deadly Dozen seriesGroup of 1st/3rd-Person strategy-shooters set in WWII. The title refers to the ...2
Insane Speedway seriesA series of speedway management games. 2
Give Up series2
Audiosurf series2
Wings of Honour seriesSeries of World War I arcade flight simulators.2
Family Games seriesGames in the Family Games series by DIMA.2
WWE 2KWWE Games Developed by 2K Sports2
Dex series2
Galidor licenseesGames based on the characters and/or stories of the TV show Galidor: Defenders ...2
Thunder Cross series2
School Days series2
Cosmic Osmo series2
Robo Pit series2
3D Engine: OdysseyGames using the Odyssey engine (original or modified) by BioWare Corporation. ...2
Crazy Golf series2
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast series2
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