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Animals: PenguinsGames with penguins as playable characters, or that in any other way are ...68
Concentration variantsGames centered around the concept of the Concentration card game, also known as ...68
Games made into moviesThese games have inspired movies or are a direct influence to a movie.TriviaIn ...68
Genre: Tower defenseGames in this group are a specific type of strategy games where the goal is to ...68
Game Engine: SCUMMIn 1987, Lucasarts designed the SCUMM engine (Script Creation Utility for ...67
NHL licenseesVideo game versions of the sport of ice hockey licensed from the National ...67
Setting: Medieval EuropeMiddle Ages (or pejoratively: Dark Ages) was a period of European history ...66
Genre: Jigsaw puzzleGames which feature Jigsaw puzzles. An image is broken up in several pieces and ...66
Game Engine: PlaygroundPlayground is a development framework developed by PlayFirst, Inc.66
Automobile: BMW M3Games in which you can drive the BMW M3 and all its variants (such as racing ...65
Genre: Simulation - Train drivingSimulators where the player gets to drive trains that are realistically ...65
Batman licenseesGames starring any version of the Batman character owned by DC Comics. ...65
Genre: Labyrinth / Maze Games featuring labyrinths / mazes as the principal gameplay element.Note: ...64
Gameplay feature: Recordable replaysGames in which the player can record gameplay actions (by saving to a file) and ...64
One-button gamesGames that only use one button for all input. Generally, these are game where ...64
Gameplay feature: Day / Night cycleGames that feature a day and night cycle, including specific time signifiers ...64
Final Fantasy seriesThis group includes the main (numbered) Final Fantasy games. One of the most ...63
Rogue variants / RoguelikesGames deriving gameplay and appearance from the 1980 mainframe game Rogue, ...63
Gameplay feature: JetpackGames where the player can use a jetpack for travel purposes. Jetpacks or ...63
Aircraft: F/A-18 HornetGames featuring the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet in a prominent ...63
Portability Engine: CiderTransGaming Technologies released their proprietary portability engine, Cider, ...63
Genre: Simulation - Space trading and combatThis group includes predominantly free-form, exploration-based games that ...63
Inspiration: Author - J. R. R. TolkienGames based off of J. R. R. Tolkien's literary works, especially the fantasy ...63
Automobile: Toyota SupraGames in which you can drive the Toyota Supra and all its variants.Limitations ...62
Civilization seriesAll games based off, and including, Sid Meier's original turn-based strategy ...62
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