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Games with classical musicRather than concerning itself with the traditions, methods, and styles of the ...78
Genre: Simulation - Space combatThis group includes games that simulate space combat. The degree of realism in ...78
Genre: Jigsaw puzzleGames which feature Jigsaw puzzles. An image is broken up in several pieces and ...77
Inspiration: Horror moviesThis group contains games based on horror movies, released either in theaters, ...77
Looney Tunes licenseesGames based on Warner Bros cartoons and the Looney Tunes series of characters ...76
Automobile: BMW M3Games in which you can drive the BMW M3 and all its variants (such as racing ...76
Visual technique / style: Voxel graphicsThis group is for 3D games which use a voxel graphics engine, as popularised by ...76
Asteroids variantsGames based on, or inspired by Atari's classic coin-op. Shoot asteroids with ...76
Animals: PenguinsGames with penguins as playable characters, or that in any other way are ...76
Protagonist: CavemanGames where the player is a caveman or cave-woman, including neanderthals, ...76
Mega Man / Rockman gamesDenotes any game that features the Capcom-created character, Mega Man (known as ...76
SEGA Sports gamesGames under the SEGA Sports brand by SEGA.76
Game Engine: Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI)Because Sierra's previous AGI engine had been initially conceived for the PCjr, ...75
Ace Combat seriesA series of combat flight simulators developed by Namco.TriviaIn April 2008 ...75
Theme: Hacking / Pseudohacking Games that deal with entry into and manipulation of a computer system by ...74
One-button gamesGames that only use one button for all input. Generally, these are game where ...73
Aircraft: F-16 Fighting FalconGames featuring the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon in a prominent ...72
Gameplay feature: Survival cookingGames which features cooking raw or prepared ingredients using any method ...72
Z-CodeThis game group contains games written in the platform-independent Z-Code ...71
Concentration variantsGames centered around the concept of the Concentration card game, also known as ...71
Sid Meier's licenseesGames emblazoned with the brand of strategy-simulation game designer Sid Meier. ...70
Setting: Medieval EuropeMiddle Ages (or pejoratively: Dark Ages) was a period of European history ...69
Covermount: Level (Romania)Games featured as covermounts for Level, a Romanian magazine.69
Automobile: Nissan SkylineGames where the player can drive the Nissan Skyline.Limitations The car must be ...69
Batman licenseesGames starring any version of the Batman character owned by DC Comics. ...69
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