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Asteroids variantsGames based on, or inspired by Atari's classic coin-op. Shoot asteroids with ...74
Genre: Tower defenseGames in this group are a specific type of strategy games where the goal is to ...74
Automobile: BMW M3Games in which you can drive the BMW M3 and all its variants (such as racing ...73
Genre: Jigsaw puzzleGames which feature Jigsaw puzzles. An image is broken up in several pieces and ...73
Gameplay feature: Botany, Farming, GardeningThis game group features games where the player controlled character may farm, ...72
Gameplay feature: Survival cookingGames which features cooking raw or prepared ingredients using any method ...72
Aircraft: F-16 Fighting FalconGames featuring the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon in a prominent ...71
Z-CodeThis game group contains games written in the platform-independent Z-Code ...71
Animals: PenguinsGames with penguins as playable characters, or that in any other way are ...70
Sid Meier's gamesGames emblazoned with the brand of strategy-simulation game designer Sid Meier. ...70
Gameplay feature: Importable charactersGames that allow the player to optionally import and use characters from ...70
Concentration variantsGames centered around the concept of the Concentration card game, also known as ...70
One-button gamesGames that only use one button for all input. Generally, these are game where ...70
Setting: Medieval EuropeMiddle Ages (or pejoratively: Dark Ages) was a period of European history ...69
Covermount: Level (Romania)Games featured as covermounts for Level, a Romanian magazine.69
Automobile: Toyota SupraGames in which you can drive the Toyota Supra and all its variants.Limitations ...68
Games made into moviesThese games have inspired movies or are a direct influence to a movie.TriviaIn ...68
Gameplay feature: Recordable replaysGames in which the player can record gameplay actions (by saving to a file) and ...67
NHL licenseesVideo game versions of the sport of ice hockey licensed from the National ...67
Automobile: Nissan SkylineGames where the player can drive the Nissan Skyline.Limitations The car must be ...67
Game Engine: SCUMMIn 1987, Lucasarts designed the SCUMM engine (Script Creation Utility for ...67
Batman licenseesGames starring any version of the Batman character owned by DC Comics. ...67
Gameplay feature: Day / Night cycleGames that feature a day and night cycle, including specific time signifiers ...67
Aircraft: F/A-18 HornetGames featuring the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet in a prominent ...66
Protagonist: BlobThe last resort for developers who can't come up with appealing characters such ...66
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