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Automobile: Dodge ViperGames in which you can drive the Dodge Viper. Includes all Viper variants: ...88
Boulder Dash variantsAny game that is either directly descended from the Boulder Dash line of games ...87
Genre: Simulation - Traffic networkGames focusing on the creation or usage of traffic networks, most frequently ...86
Asteroids variantsGames based on, or inspired by Atari's classic coin-op. Shoot asteroids with ...86
Gameplay feature: PhotographyGames that use a digital camera, camera obscura, movie camera, single or twin ...86
Protagonist: Extraterrestrial / AlienGames that have a non-human alien life-form not native to Earth as the main ...86
Concentration variantsGames centered around the concept of the Concentration card game, also known as ...85
Theme: Hacking / Pseudohacking Games that deal with entry into and manipulation of a computer system by ...85
Genre: Auto-run platformerThe auto-run platformer is a form of platform game where the player character ...85
Games referenced in moviesGames referenced in movies, animated series, music video clips, advertisements, ...85
Automobile: Ford GTGames in which you can drive the Ford GT, in all its variants and versions ...84
Mythology: Norse / GermanicGames influenced and or based on Norse or (more generally) Germanic mythology. ...83
Anti-Cheat Technology: PunkBusterPC games with the licensed PunkBuster software for integrated anti-cheat ...83
Genre: Open world drivingThis group includes racing games where the player is not confined by a race ...83
Nintendo Player's Choice releasesStarted in 1996, Player's Choice was a range of budget re-releases of certain ...83
Genre: Simulation - Space combatThis group includes games that simulate space combat. The degree of realism in ...83
Gameplay feature: Botany, Farming, GardeningThis game group features games where the player controlled character may farm, ...82
Games with classical musicRather than concerning itself with the traditions, methods, and styles of the ...82
Automobile: Toyota CelicaGames where the player can drive the Toyota Celica. Also includes the WRC ...82
Madden series(American) Football games, action or strategy, using commentator John Madden's ...82
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: Forgotten RealmsForgotten Realms™ games originally used the campaign setting for Dungeons & ...81
3D Engine: UnrealEngine2Games using a version of the second generation Unreal engine (original or ...81
Visual technique / style: Voxel graphicsThis group is for 3D games which use a voxel graphics engine, as popularised by ...81
Animals: WormsGames that feature worms as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.80
Assassin's Creed seriesA series of stealth games originally created by Patrice DĂ©silets, with strong ...80
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