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NCAA Final Four seriesA series of college basketball games made under the 989 Sports label.4
NCAA basketball gamesCollege basketball games carrying a National Collegiate Athletic Association ...27
NBA Street seriesSeries of basket ball video games played on public street courts.5
NBA Shootout series7
NBA Live / NBA Elite seriesA series of basketball games from Electronic Arts. The series originally ...22
NBA licenseesVideo game versions of the sport basketball licensed from the National ...112
NBA Jam seriesAll games as part of the NBA Jam series, published by Acclaim and since 2010, ...8
NBA in the Zone series6
NBA Inside Drive seriesLicensed NBA basketball series by Microsoft4
NBA Ballers series4
NBA All-Star Challenge series2
NBA Action series4
NBA 2K seriesAll games in the NBA 2K series.17
NavyBlue seriesA series of Battleship variants from Use Corporation3
Naughty Bear series2
Natsuki-san seriesA series of three freeware PC games by Alpha Secret Base, later ported to Xbox ...3
Natalie Brooks series4
NASCAR licenseesAll NASCAR licensed games, racing and not. Starting from 2000, the license for ...43
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja seriesThe Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series (known in Japan as Naruto: Narutimate Hero) ...6
Naruto licenseesBased on the popular Naruto comic/animation franchise.16
Naruto: Clash of Ninja seriesThe Naruto: Clash of Ninja series (known in Japan as Naruto: Gekitō Ninja ...3
Nanostray series3
Nancy Drew licenseesAny of the mystery games based on the character of the teen detective Nancy ...45
Nancy Drew Dossier seriesThe games in the Dossier series are more "casual" in nature with a combination ...2
Nana Eiyū Monogatari series A series of tactical RPGs with adult content by Himeya Soft.2
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