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Psygnosis/Sony Formula One series15
Psygnosis' Barbarian seriesNot to be confused with the Barbarian Legacy from Palace Software.2
Psychonauts series2
Psychic Force seriesA series of 3D fighting games by Taito Corporation.3
Psychic Detective seriesA series of adventure games by Data West, starring the private investigator ...5
PSP Platinum Range releasesGames available for the PSP which have been re-released in "Platinum" packages ...66
PSP greatest hits releasesGames available for the Playstation Portable which have been re-released in ...31
ProTrain seriesA series of add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator. Not to be confused with the ...43
ProTrain Perfect series11
Prototype seriesFollowing several years after The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, ...11
Protoganda series2
Protector series2
Protagonist: VampireThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a ...26
Protagonist: TrollThis game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or ...6
Protagonist: Treasure hunterThis group includes games that feature protagonists who spend a significant ...41
Protagonist: RobotThis group includes games in which the main protagonist is a mechanical being ...260
Protagonist: P.I. (Private Investigator)Games where protagonist is a private investigator. Not a police detective, but ...47
Protagonist: Native AmericanGames in which a Native American is the main protagonist or ...8
Protagonist: MusicianThis group includes games that feature protagonists who are either professional ...45
Protagonist: Mullet haircutGames wherein the main or one of the main protagonists sports a mullet haircut. ...51
Protagonist: JewishGames where at least one of the player-controlled characters is Jewish, whether ...18
Protagonist: GhostThis group is for games in which the protagonist is a ghost or in some ...21
Protagonist: GangsterThe protagonists of those games are gangsters, i.e. members of professional ...117
Protagonist: Fruit / VegetableGames in which an anthropomorphic fruit or vegetable is the main protagonist.15
Protagonist: FemaleGames in which the main or major playable character (main protagonist) of the ...1780
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