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Ridge Racer series18
Ride seriesThe Ride games are motor bike simulation games, which can be played as single ...22
Riddle of the Sphinx seriesSeries of adventure games by Omni Creative with an Egyptian theme that include ...3
Ricochet seriesA series of Breakout variants made by Reflexive Entertainment.3
Ricky Raccoon series2
Ricky Carmichael licensees5
Rick Dangerous series2
Rick and Morty licensees2
Richard Scarry licenseesGames in this group feature an official license of Richard Scarry's children's ...7
Rhythm Zone series6
Rhythm Heaven seriesA series of music games based around precise rhythm and timing.4
Rhem seriesThe Rhem games are a series of graphical point-and-click adventures, in the ...6
rFactor series2
Rez series4
Rex Blade / Domination series2
Rewrite game versions2
Re-Wind seriesA series of three quiz games released between 2005-2007 by ZAPiT Games for the ...3
Revs series3
Revolution Under Siege series2
Re-Volt / RC Revenge seriesA series of radio controlled racers.3
Reversion series2
Revell's Racer seriesA series of racing games featuring Revell's car model kits.2
Return to Mysterious Island series4
Return Fire seriesThe Return Fire Series features "capture the flag" combat between two opposing ...3
RetroSouls' Alter Ego seriesA series of puzzle/platform games where you control a character that has a ...2
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