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Rockfall series4
Rockett seriesA series of visual novels for girls aged 8-14 developed by Purple Moon ...3
Rocket Power licensees5
Rocket League seriesThe Rocket League games are dealing with vehicle based, futuristic variant of ...25
Rocket Knight seriesA series of platform games from Konami that started with Rocket Knight ...4
Rocketbirds series4
Rock Band series19
Rochard series3
Robot Wars licensees4
Robot Wants... series4
Robot Unicorn Attack series5
Robots variants3
Robots movie licenseesGames based on the 2005 movie Robots, about a world populated by robots where a ...4
Robot seriesThe titles of the ROBOT series are arcade puzzle games written by Christian ...5
Robotron variantsFixed screen games where you control a being that can move about and shoot in ...4
Robotron legacyGames based on the 1982 arcade game Robotron: 2084 by Williams Electronics.3
Robotragedy series2
Robotics;Notes series5
Robotech seriesCreated by Harmony Gold in the 1980s, Robotech was made out of three mostly ...5
Robot Arena series3
Robopon seriesHudson Soft's series of Pokémon-style RPGs.2
Robo Pit series2
Robomaze seriesSeries of games developed by Wetware which begins with a freedom fighter who ...2
Robokill series2
RoboCop gamesGroup of games that feature the likeness of the RoboCop character and universe ...22
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