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Pepper Pack compilationsFeaturing Novatis' Green Pepper Pepper Pack compilations.3
The Incredible Crash Dummies licensees3
Cryo's Versailles series3
Body Blows series3
Gambler Jiko Chūshinha seriesGambler Jiko Chūshinha (ぎゅわんぶらあ自己中心派) is a series of mahjong-themed games based ...3
Blake Stone series3
Vandal Hearts series3
Schizm / Mysterious Journey seriesThe Schizm/Mysterious Journey games by Detalion are famous for their scientific ...3
Guren seriesA series of adult games set in feudal Japan, telling the story of a special ...3
Outpost series3
Garry Kitchen's Battletank seriesSeries of tank simulators designed by Garry Kitchen.3
Battle Realms series3
Cube series3
All Star Tennis seriesA series of sports games simulating tennis. The All Star Tennis 2000 for Game ...3
Games Engine: FASTGames using a special animation system called FAST (Fluid Animation Software ...3
Shadowgrounds series3
Makeruna! Makendō gamesThe games share the same setting and recurring heroes/heroines, mostly Japanese ...3
Build-a-lot series3
Motocross Maniacs seriesThis group contains Konami's sidescrolling dirt-bike games for handheld ...3
Weather War variantsStarting with Ouranos!, a variant of the artillery genre has featured competing ...3
Rygar series3
Blades of Steel series3
Karoshi seriesA series of freeware games created by Jesse Venbrux where the goal is to get ...3
Monster Jam licensees3
Stormlord series3
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