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Non-adventure Dizzy gamesGames which feature the Dizzy character, but are not object-manipulation based ...3
Outpost series3
Switchblade seriesHiro's side-view action fight against Havok3
Alley Cat gamesIncludes the mini game collection Alley Cat and related games.3
Ikari Warriors games3
Puzzler series3
DemonStar series3
Biko series3
Marble Blast series3
Wallie seriesWallie P. Jones is a character created by Andrew Challis and published by ...3
Jumpers for Goalposts seriesJumpers for Goalposts is a series of browser based games where the player takes ...3
Games Engine: FASTGames using a special animation system called FAST (Fluid Animation Software ...3
Laura Bow seriesGraphical adventure games by Sierra in the mystery idiom, featuring the ...3
Dead Island series3
All Star Tennis seriesA series of sports games simulating tennis. The All Star Tennis 2000 for Game ...3
Sonic Riders series3
Enemy Front series3
Search & Rescue series3
Sound engine: AHXAHX (short for Abyss Highest eXperience), formerly known as THX, is a synthetic ...3
CT Special Forces series3
Frozen licenseesGames based on the Disney movie inspired by The Snow Queen folktale, Frozen.3
Elitserien seriesElitserien games are official add-ons or reworking from Electronic Arts' NHL ...3
Shadowgrounds series3
Xenus seriesA series of free-roaming first-person shooters with role-playing and driving ...3
Shift series3
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