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Untold Legends series3
Disney's Bonkers licenseesGames featuring the TV cartoon character Bonkers D. Bobcat.3
Furry series3
Karoshi seriesA series of freeware games created by Jesse Venbrux where the goal is to get ...3
Monster Jam licensees3
Reel Fishing series3
Fatty Bear's seriesGames featuring Humongous Entertainment's Fatty Bear. 3
Stormlord series3
3D Engine: Voxel Space 3Games using the third major version of Novalogic's Voxel Space 3D engine.3
Chuck Rock series3
Enemy Front series3
NFL Pro League Football series3
Stardock business simulations3
CastleStorm series3
Tank: M10 WolverineGames in which players can command the M10 Wolverine tank destroyer (and its ...3
Swedish Erotica seriesSeries of early adult console games brought to us through Mystique from the ...3
Democracy series3
Dreadnoughts seriesNaval strategy designed by Dr. Turcan, featuring text command interface and 3D ...3
Empire of the Ants / Les Fourmis series3
Chuzzle seriesThis group includes all the games featuring the multi-colored fuzzballs called ...3
Cameron Files Mystery seriesA series of adventure games with the protagonist Cameron. A third game in the ...3
Pokémon Ranger seriesA series of spin-off games based on the Pok√©mon franchise. Players control ...3
Dunkle Schatten series3
Tracon series3
Gundemonium series3
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