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AeroWings seriesThis series consists of flight simulation games. Their focus shift from ...3
Paradise Cracked universeThis entry includes all games set in the same universe as the Paradise Cracked ...3
El Viento seriesSeries of games set in the 30s, featuring Anett Myer and/or Earnest Evans as ...3
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove licenseesGames based on characters and scenarios from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove ...3
Constructor series3
Hexxagon series3
Carriers at War series3
"You Have To" gamesFollowing in the footsteps of Mazapá's 2008 game You Have to Burn the Rope, ...3
Traitors Gate series3
SEGA Monaco GP series3
Highway Encounter seriesA pair of isometric-view exploration and control games from Vortex3
The Stalin Subway series3
Yendorian Tales series3
Xtreme seriesA series of extreme sports racing games.3
Michael Jordan licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Michael Jordan3
Valkyria Chronicles series3
Meridian 59 seriesGames part of the MMORPG series Meridian 59, maintained from 1996 to 2000 by ...3
TimeSplitters seriesTimeSplitters series of games.3
Alley Cat gamesIncludes the mini game collection Alley Cat and related games.3
Biko series3
Planetfall seriesSteve Meretzky's pair of sci-fi Infocom text adventures, putting the player in ...3
Metal & Lace / Ningyō Tsukai seriesA series of versus fighting games with erotic elements.3
Zebco Fishing GamesThis group features fishing games that are sponsored by outdoor fishing ...3
Worlds of Ultima seriesWorlds of Ultima (also known as Ultima: Worlds of Adventure) is a spin-off ...3
Rékoeiation seriesA series of games from Japanese company Koei designed as "historical fiction" ...3
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