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Crazy Frog licenseesGames based on the Crazy Frog character created by Erik Wernquist, popularized ...3
Perfect Balance series3
123 Slaughter Me Street series3
Eidos Collection seriesA group of game compilations released by Eidos.3
Randar series3
True Crime seriesTrue Crime is a series of games by Luxoflux with free-roaming gameplay centered ...3
htoL#NiQ series3
Wings gamesVersions, remakes and editions of Cinemaware's Wings game.3
Jack and the Beanstalk series3
A320 Airbus seriesA flight simulation series for the A320 Airbus originally developed by Thalion ...3
Game Engine: CINERGYGames using a version of the CINERGY engine (original of modified) developed by ...3
Dr. Franken seriesThe ongoing platforming adventures of "Franky", Dr. Von Frankenbone's most, uh, ...3
Eets seriesA series of strategy games by Klei Entertainment Inc.3
Fast Racing series3
Super Destronaut series3
Chuckie Egg legacy3
Zero Divide series3
Hewson's Premier Collections series3
Aircraft: Kawasaki Ki-61Games featuring the Kawasaki Ki-61 in a prominent role. This group includes all ...3
Laser Squad series3
Aircraft: Dassault Mirage 2000Games featuring the Dassault Mirage 2000 in a prominent role. This group ...3
Altered Beast seriesSega's series of shape-changing combat-oriented games, traditionally first and ...3
Echo Night seriesGames in the Echo Night horror adventure series.3
MASK licenseesMASK (short for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) was a toy line by Kenner, which, ...3
Druid seriesA trilogy of Gauntlet-influenced arcade adventures.3
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