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Tiny Troopers series3
Last Blade series3
Crystal Key series3
Eidos Collection seriesA group of game compilations released by Eidos.3
Winzer seriesA series of managerial simulations about the cultivation of wine.3
Randar series3
True Crime seriesTrue Crime is a series of games by Luxoflux with free-roaming gameplay centered ...3
Kiss (キス) seriesVisual novel series by Giga which contain word "Kiss" as the constant in the ...3
Pacific Storm series3
Wings gamesVersions, remakes and editions of Cinemaware's Wings game.3
Jack and the Beanstalk series3
Outcast series3
A320 Airbus seriesA flight simulation series for the A320 Airbus originally developed by Thalion ...3
Who Dares Wins legacy3
Ghost in the Shell universeGames taking place in the Ghost in the Shell Universe based on the Japanese ...3
Final Lap seriesFormula 1 racing games from the Final Lap franchise by Namco.3
Power of Chaos seriesAll the games from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos series. These games all work ...3
Nerf N-Strike series3
CodeRED series3
Game Engine: CINERGYGames using a version of the CINERGY engine (original of modified) developed by ...3
Dr. Franken seriesThe ongoing platforming adventures of "Franky", Dr. Von Frankenbone's most, uh, ...3
Zebco Fishing GamesThis group features fishing games that are sponsored by outdoor fishing ...3
Wallie seriesWallie P. Jones is a character created by Andrew Challis and published by ...3
Die Sendung mit der Maus licenseesDie Sendung mit der Maus is a German children's television show that encourages ...3
Vegas Nights series3
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