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Mugen no Shinzō / Heart of Phantasm seriesMugen no Shinzō (夢幻の心臓, "Heart of Phantasm") is a series of role-playing games ...3
Le Labyrinthe seriesA series of French educational games by Retz pertaining to various subjects.3
Ladder Man seriesA series of puzzle games by Soleau Software. 3
Giga Wing series3
Gubble series3
Strange Cases series3
EVE Online series3
Detective Barbie seriesGames featuring Barbie as a detective.3
Gambler Jiko Chūshinha seriesGambler Jiko Chūshinha (ぎゅわんぶらあ自己中心派) is a series of mahjong-themed games based ...3
Willow licenseesGames based on the 1988 fantasy movie, Willow.3
Disney's Hercules GamesGames based on characters and story elements from Disney's Hercules animated ...3
Flashback series3
Alnam series3
Star Wolves seriesStar Wolves is a series of real-time strategy (RTS) games with RPG elements. ...3
Rave Master / Groove Adventure Rave seriesGames based on the manga & anime series Rave Master (aka Groove Adventure Rave) ...3
Feral's Family Fun Pack seriesA compilation series from Feral Interactive for the Apple Macintosh.3
Horké léto series3
X-Change seriesThis group includes all the X-Change games created by Japanese developer Crowd. ...3
Who Dares Wins legacy3
Dynamite Deka series3
Drakengard series3
The Ottifants licenseesGames featuring the Ottifants, comics characters created by the German comedian ...3
Sonic Storybooks seriesIn the games from this sub-series of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, Sonic ...3
Build-a-lot series3
Motocross Maniacs seriesThis group contains Konami's sidescrolling dirt-bike games for handheld ...3
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