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Puzzli seriesA series of fishing themed tile matching puzzle games.3
Puzzler licensees11
Puzzle & Reise series2
Puzzle Quest seriesThe Puzzle Quest games are tile-matching (the so called match-3) games in which ...6
Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas series4
Puzzle Pets series2
Puzzle Link seriesYumekobo's puzzle game series.2
Puzzle Forge series1
Puzzle Fighter series4
Puzzle & Dragons series2
Puzzle Boy seriesA series of puzzle games with gameplay similar to Soko-Ban. 3
Puzzle Box series2
Puzzle Agent seriesA series of point-and-click adventures about Nelson Tethers, the puzzle agent ...2
Puzzle & Action seriesSeries of variety games produced by SEGA in the '90s, which were largely arcade ...3
Puzz 3D series2
Puyo Puyo variantsGames with the style of gameplay introduced by Puyo Puyo. Falling blocks ...28
Puyo-Puyo / Madō Monogatari universePuyo Puyo puzzle games and Madō Monogatari role-playing game series share many ...33
Puyo Puyo gamesSeries of competitive puzzle games derived from Tetris classic gameplay ...22
Putty seriesSystem 3 games starring an amorphous blue blob3
Putt-Putt seriesChildren's games featuring as the main character the anthropomorphic automobile ...13
Pushmo series4
Pursuit Force series2
Purple Cat series3
Pure series2
Pure Chess series2
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