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Mole Mole seriesPuzzle games in which a mole has to collect fruits before reaching the exit of ...3
Mokkoriman gamesAdult games by Illusion, starring the super-hero Mokkoriman, whose only ...4
Moebius seriesOrigin's series of faux-Asian martial arts RPGs set in the exotic realm of ...2
Modern Combat seriesA series of first-person military shooters released on mobile devices by ...2
M&M's licensees5
MLS licenseesSoccer games licensed by the Major League Soccer organization. 6
MLB SlugFest series4
MLB licenseesVideo game versions of the sport baseball licensed from the Major League ...88
Mixed-Up Mother Goose versions4
Misty seriesMisty is a series of detective mystery games by Data West, set in modern-day ...8
Mistbound universeMistbound is the name of the original IP developed by W!Games. This fictional ...2
Miss Teri Games3
Miss Mind series2
Mission Supernova seriesA series of German-language futuristic shareware adventure games by Thomas and ...2
Mission: Impossible gamesGames licensed around either the Mission: Impossible American television series ...7
Missing series4
Missile Command variantsGames featuring gameplay similar to that of Missile Command, in which players ...36
Mirror's Edge seriesA sequel to the original game was confirmed in the Summer of 2010, but in ...3
Mirage series2
Mini Ninjas series6
Minesweeper variantsGames inspired by the logic puzzle game Minesweeper. Gameplay typically ...39
Miner Willy seriesPlatform games starring Miner Willy. Mega-tree Mega-tree was the third in the ...7
Miner Wars series2
Miner 2049er seriesBill Hogue and Big Five Software's mine-exploration platform games featuring ...3
Minecraft series6
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