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Verminian universeA group of games that all feature the same antagonist beings, the Verminians, ...3
Pinball Hall of Fame series3
Virtual On series3
Block Breaker series3
2.5D Engine: True 3DGames made using the True 3D graphics engine, written by Gremlin Interactive's ...3
Boogie series3
Vampire: The Masquerade licenseesThis group includes games based on the setting and rules of the pen-and-paper ...3
Didi & Ditto gamesGames featuring the animated beavers from Kutoka Interactive, Didi and Ditto. 3
Words Worth seriesWords Worth (ワーズ・ワース) is a series of adult role-playing games by Elf. The first ...3
Unity of Command series3
Doritos Crash Course series3
Hermann Maier licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by alpine ski racer Hermann Maier.3
Infocom / Activision BattleTech seriesInfocom attempted to branch out of Interactive Fiction in the late 1980s, and, ...3
Racing Simulation series3
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series3
Genpei Tōma Den seriesConversions of and sequels to the 1986 Namco coin-op Genpei Tōma Den, also ...3
3D Engine: OnyxGames using a version a version of the proprietary Onyx engine (original or ...3
Tynesoft Challenge / Olympiad seriesOlympic games released by Thunder Mountain in the US and Tynesoft elsewhere3
Alien Phobia seriesA series of simple shoot 'em ups3
Azada seriesA series of adventure games with regularly appearing logic puzzles aimed at a ...3
The Political Machine series3
Vermeer series3
Final Match Tennis seriesA series of tennis games by Human Entertainment, Inc.3
Mata Hari gamesGames based on the famous exotic dancer and accused spy.3
Mysterious City seriesA series of hidden object games developed by Gold Casual Games. 3
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