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DE・JA seriesA series of adult adventure games by Elf.3
Tetris: The Grand Master seriesAn official Tetris sub-series distinguished by its unique set of gameplay rules ...3
Miami Vice licensed titlesGames that are licensed off the "Miami Vice" intellectual property, which ...3
Super Sidekicks series3
Weltling seriesA series of games set in The Badlands universe by Edmund McMillen and Caulder ...3
Siberian Strike / Assault Wings 1944 series3
Iron Brigade series3
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 gamesGames developed using the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 game creation software by ...3
Cobra Mission gamesMegaTech's Cobra Mission (1992) was a re-imagined version of an earlier ...3
Matt Hazard gamesThis group gathers the games which are based around the fictional video game ...3
Distinctive Software 4D seriesThe titles released in Europe under the 4D Sports series3
A.I.M. seriesScience fiction action/RPGs and racing games by SkyRiver Studios about robotic ...3
Ikari Warriors games3
Brink series3
Kyd Cadet Series3
Shadow of the Beast seriesShadow of the Beast series3
Aion series3
Dead Nation series3
3D Engine: Voxel Space2Games using the second major version of Novalogic's Voxel Space 3D engine.3
Jonny Quest licenseesThe Adventures of Johnny Quest is an animation series produced by the famed ...3
Award Winners seriesEmpire Interactive's game bundle release series.3
Renaissance Heroes series3
Routes gamesRoutes game and port/release variations.3
3D Engine: X3DGames using a version of the X3D (original or modified) by 4X Technologies ...3
Kasparov licenseesChess games seeking legitimacy through the licensing of the name and likeness ...3
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