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Radiant series2
Radiant Historia series2
Ractrack gamesComputer implementations of the the pen and paper game Racetrack.3
Racquetball / Squash gamesGames that let the player play Racquetball / Squash.6
Racing Simulation series3
Racers' Islands series2
RaceRoom Racing Experience series6
Race for the Galaxy series4
Rabi Laby series5
QuizTix series9
Quiz Marugoto the World series2
Quiz Avenue seriesA series of quiz games with various elements of other genres by NEC Avenue.3
Quintia Road series2
Quest seriesSeries of illustrated text adventures with a fantasy setting, developed by ...2
Quest series3
Questron seriesA pair of SSI fantasy RPGs, among their last using original campaign settings ...3
Quest for Knowledge series8
Quest for Glory seriesQuest for Glory is a series of role-playing/adventure hybrids originally ...10
Quell series4
Queen's Quest series3
Queen's GardenA series of tile-matching games by Seven Sails, similar to Bejeweled, but where ...3
Queen of Duellist seriesA series of erotic versus fighting games by Agumix.4
Qubic translationsGames based on the 1953 Parker Brothers board game of the same name. The game ...26
Q.U.B.E. series4
Quattro compilationsThe compilations released by Codemasters, each containing 4 of their previous ...22
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