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Rakushō! Pachi-Slot Sengen seriesSeries of licensed pachi-slot (Japanese slot machine) games produced by Tecmo ...7
Raku Jongg seriesSeries of falling-block puzzle games based on the rules of Mahjong. The ...3
Rakugaki Ōkoku / Graffiti Kingdom series2
Rainbow web series2
Rainbow Six seriesRainbow Six is a series of tactical first-person shooter games with their ...92
Rainbow Fish licenseesGames based on the Rainbow Fish children's book series by Marcus Pfister and ...3
Rail Simulator / RailWorks series19
Railroad Tycoon series11
Rail Chase series2
Raidou Kuzunoha seriesSub-series of the RPG series Devil Summoner, which is a part of the ...3
Raiders of the Broken Planet series5
Raiden series10
Ragnarok series6
Raging Thunder seriesA series of mobile racing games3
Rage series6
Rage of Mages / Allods series6
Rag Doll Kung Fu series3
Rad Rodgers series3
Rad Racer series2
Radio Hammer series2
Radio Control gamesGames about radio-controlled (r/c) cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft etc. ...27
Radiation series2
Radiant series2
Radiant Historia series2
Ractrack gamesComputer implementations of the the pen and paper game Racetrack.5
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