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Gameplay feature: Survival cookingGames which features cooking raw or prepared ingredients using any method ...75
Gameplay Feature: Targeting systemGames that feature a targeting system that allows the player to aim at a ...14
Gameplay Feature: Tic-Tac-ToeGames in this group contain mini-games or smaller gameplay sections based ...2
Gameplay feature: Time ManipulationGames where the player is able to bend the rules of time as a key element of ...56
Gameplay Feature: TortureGames that feature torture as a gameplay element within the game, which may ...12
Gameplay feature: Tower of Hanoi puzzleGames in this group feature the 1883 puzzle Tower of Hanoi either as the entire ...18
Gameplay feature: Whac-A-MoleGames based around (or containing mini-games based around) the mechanical ...43
Gameplay mechanic: Flick shootingGames where the player has to shoot or thrown a ball by making a swift swipe ...11
Games bundled with moviesThis group contains packages that contained both a video game and a movie (or a ...8
Games Engine: FASTGames using a special animation system called FAST (Fluid Animation Software ...3
Games for the KDE desktop environmentThe KDE desktop environment is a popular desktop system for Linux based on the ...25
GAMES Interactive series2
Games involved in legal disputesThis group documents games which contain elements of an unlicensed intellectual ...42
Games involving the Hanseatic LeagueGames that involve the Hanseatic League as an important part of the theme, plot ...17
Games made in AmigaBASICGames written using AmigaBASIC, the Microsoft-developed BASIC dialect which ...6
Games made in AMOSAMOS was an extremely popular programming language for amateurs on the Amiga, ...29
Games made in Blitz BasicBlitz Basic, published by Acid Software, took over AMOS's crown as the premier ...19
Games made in GFA BasicGFA Basic was an advanced, compiled BASIC dialect for the Amiga, Atari ST and ...51
Games made in STOSSTOS was an extremely popular programming language for amateurs on the Atari ...31
Games made into booksThese games have inspired books or are a direct influence to a book. For the ...187
Games made into comicsGames that have been adapted into the sequential art medium, otherwise known as ...259
Games made into moviesThese games have inspired movies or are a direct influence to a movie.Some of ...87
Games made into stage productionsThese games have inspired plays or been directly made into plays. This can ...7
Games made into TV seriesStarting in the early eighties, games have begun to be adapted into TV series. ...121
Games named after songsGames which appear to take their titles directly from songs, without ...26
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