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Last Armageddon seriesA series of post-apocalyptic Japanese-style RPGs, notable for featuring demonic ...2
Last Action Hero licenseesGames based on the 1993 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.5
Laser Squad series3
Larry Vales seriesA humorous adventure series about a police officer. Created by Philip J. Reed ...2
Largo Winch series2
La Prisión series3
L.A. Noire series4
Language Instruction - HebrewEducational games that aim to teach players the Hebrew language.2
Language Instruction - EnglishEducational games that aim to teach players the English language. 6
Langrisser series11
Lands of Lore seriesLands of Lore is a series of role-playing games by Westwood. The games take ...4
Lands of Dream series2
Lancer universeGames within the Starlancer/Freelancer universe, started by Chris and Erin ...2
La La Land seriesThis is a series of five Game Maker games, all released in 2006, by Matt ...5
Lafuma Unlimit series2
La Aventura legacy2
Kyle Hyde seriesNintendo DS detective games featuring Kyle Hyde as main protagonist.2
Kurushi / Intelligent Qube series5
Kururin series3
Kunio / Nekketsu High gamesGames centering around the character Kunio, the Shin Nekketsu High School where ...26
Kung Fu Panda licensees4
Kudos seriesThe Kudos series are a series of life simulation games. These games typically ...3
Kroz seriesThe first massive episodic shareware success dynasty, the Kroz series put the ...8
Krondor seriesRole-playing games based on the "Riftwar" adventure novels by Raymond Feist, ...4
Krisalis's Photoscaping gamesKrisalis's series of isometric RPGs, using a technique branded "Photoscaping".3
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