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Quadrax series2
Qop series3
Qogo seriesChris Sawyer's two Q*Bert clones for the Memotech MTX computer.2
QIX variantsBasing upon the arcade game of the same name, you are in control of a marker of ...55
QIX seriesOfficial QIX Series5
Qin seriesObject's series of action RPGs set in a mythical ancient China and utilising ...2
Qbike series2
Qb games2
Q*Bert variantsThis game group includes official versions of Q*Bert and any of its sequels and ...36
Q*Bert series6
Pyst versionsParroty Interactive's PYST games - intentional parodies of the Myst adventure ...2
Pyramids series2
Pyramid Magic seriesA series of action puzzle games starring an explorer seeking a treasure inside ...4
Pyramid licenseesAll licensed and unlicensed adaptions of the TV game show $10,000 Pyramid and ...3
Puzz Loop variantsGames that share gameplay similar to the arcade game Puzz Loop (also known as ...60
Puzzli seriesA series of fishing themed tile matching puzzle games.3
Puzzler licensees11
Puzzle & Reise series2
Puzzle Quest seriesThe Puzzle Quest games are tile-matching (the so called match-3) games in which ...6
Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas series5
Puzzle Pets series2
Puzzle Link seriesYumekobo's puzzle game series.2
Puzzle Forge series1
Puzzle Fighter series4
Puzzle & Dragons series2
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