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Fictional character: Robinson CrusoeGames featuring Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist of Daniel Defoe's famous early ...3
Dreadnoughts seriesNaval strategy designed by Dr. Turcan, featuring text command interface and 3D ...3
50 Cent seriesA series of games starring the rapper/actor 50 Cent.3
Disney Princess licenseesGames carrying the Disney Princess brand from The Walt Disney Company.Related ...3
Non-adventure Dizzy gamesGames which feature the Dizzy character, but are not object-manipulation based ...3
Croc series3
Beast Busters series3
Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! series3
Setting: City - FlorenceGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Florence, Italy. The ...3
Miss Teri Games3
David Beckham licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by David Beckham.3
Kono Hareta Sora no Shita de games3
Tim & Beer seriesTim & Beer is a Dutch children's series for the CD-i about a boy Tim and his ...3
Heroes of Hellas seriesCasual tile matching and removal games with a Greek Mythology theme in the ...3
Tracon series3
CodeRED series3
Empire of the Ants / Les Fourmis series3
Pokémon Ranger seriesA series of spin-off games based on the Pokémon franchise. Players control ...3
Sonic Riders series3
Search & Rescue series3
Amateur gamebook conversionsIn the plainest sense, gamebooks are Choose-Your-Own-Adventures (featuring user ...3
DemonStar series3
Elitserien seriesElitserien games are official add-ons or reworking from Electronic Arts' NHL ...3
Xenus seriesA series of free-roaming first-person shooters with role-playing and driving ...3
Aa Megami-sama / Oh My Goddess! seriesGames based on the popular Japanese manga written and illustrated by Kōsuke ...3
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