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PixelJunk Monsters series4
PixelJunk Eden series3
Pixel Cup Soccer series3
Pixar licenseesGames based on Pixar movies or other properties related to the movies.71
Pivotal Games' Conflict series5
Pitstop series2
Pitfall seriesSeries of games featuring the exploits of Indiana Jones-style ...17
Pirates! series7
Pirates of the Caribbean licenseesGames based on Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" license.13
Pirate Fry series3
Piraka Animation seriesA series of online animations made to promote the 2006 LEGO BIONICLE products ...6
Pippa Funnell licensees4
Piposh seriesA series of adventure games by Guillotine.4
PipeFun series2
Pipe Dream / Pipe Mania variantsThis group contains games with gameplay similar to the gameplay found in the ...36
Pipe Dream / Pipe Mania seriesThis group consists of Empire Interactive's series of games where the player ...3
Pinky Ponky seriesA series of adult games with dating simulation and visual novel elements by Elf.3
Pinky and The Brain licensees2
Pink Sox seriesA series of erotically-themed mini-game compilations by Wendy Magazine.8
Pink Shock Pirates seriesA series of pirate-themed role-playing/strategy games.2
Pink Panther licenseesGames featuring the silent but suave Pink Panther.7
Pingu licensees2
Ping Pong Trick Shot series3
Pinball Madness series4
Pinball League series3
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